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Mail Order Brides – Foreign Women for Marriage

April 20, 2019 Mail order brides 0

What are mail-order brides?

We are all acquainted with the popularity of international mail-order brides. With several dating and matchmaking agencies looming up every year, mail-order brides are no longer an alien concept. The business of online dating has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and now plenty of western men are looking for a life partner online.

Who is a mail-order bride?

A mail-order bride is a lady you can find in online and offline marriage catalogs. She lists her name, photograph, and details in such catalogs so that men can select her for marriage.

Russian Brides at the Yekaterinburg festival

Russian Brides at the Yekaterinburg festival

Mail-order brides are not a new concept. Since the nineteenth century, mail-order brides have been common. During the nineteenth century, mail-order brides came to Western frontier lands to marry established men from the East. The same trend was also noticed in the twentieth century when women residing in developing countries wanted to marry men in developed countries. With the advent of the internet, the trend of mail-order brides underwent a little change. Now, the trend is meeting the potential bride through the internet, interacting with her, and then deciding whether to meet her in person.

Most of the mail order brides are from Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Latin America. You can also find mail-order brides from several Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia. Some men list themselves in such online and offline catalogs for marriage. They are known as mail-order husbands.

Many international marriage agencies have criticized the term “mail-order bride” because they think it is misleading and derogatory.

Mail order women do not wish to marry locals. Instead, they prefer foreign men, particularly guys from the U.s, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and other European countries. But why is that?

  • Mail-order brides are unable to find soulmates in their own country.
  • They want to have fun.
  • They wish to move to another country and settle down.
  • Mail-order brides are more interested in foreign men.
  • Foreigners are viewed as accomplished men who respect women’s rights.
  • Mail-order brides do not wish to remain in their native country.
  • They are dissatisfied with the local guys.
  • They want to have lovely blended children.

Mail-order brides are single women with specific goals in mind, and they don’t desire hookups or short-term romance. They don’t want a traditional marriage. They are looking for a husband abroad and are prepared to make a long-term international commitment. These are ladies of varied ages and with varying romantic histories. They could even be parents.

A detailed history of mail order brides

There are two different kinds of history associated with mail-order brides. The industry of mail-order brides emerged first in the 1800s in both Asia and America.

American men: men from North America are financially successful and have a good life. They were settled in the migration west for their work. However, one thing was missing in their life: the company of a life partner. Hardly a few women lived in the migration west at that time. Therefore, despite being successful, North American men had a certain void in their lives. They desperately wanted to get married and start a family.

Russian girls and women seeking foreign menWestern men want to marry Eastern women, such as Russian or Asian women. They began placing personal advertisements in reputable newspapers and magazines to attract foreign women. Many foreign women responded after reading these personal advertisements. They also send photographs to the men, and thus the lines of communication are opened. Courtship was conducted through the exchange of several letters. This went on until the woman decided she wanted to take the marriage to the next level.

As a foreign woman never met the guy personally, she usually took some time before marrying him. These women were mostly single, but there were also runaways and divorcees. Single foreign women communicate with single western men because they want a better life that is secure and financially stable. Foreign women want to get rid of their current lifestyle and adopt a better lifestyle.

Asian men: In the 1800s, single Asian men started finding wives through several mail-order brides agencies. This is because they worked overseas and were lonely. They needed the company of a life partner. Cultural perceptions, technology, demographics, and legal policies were the significant factors that determined the relationship between marriage and migration.

There was a marked imbalance between the number of western men looking for a wife abroad and the number of women residing in that place. The system of mail-order brides or picture brides came to the scene due to this imbalance. Mail-order brides are very much needed in predominantly male countries and places.

During the early twentieth century, immigration restrictions gave rise to the concept of “foreign brides.” Since unmarried Japanese women were not granted immigration to travel to America, the trend of picture brides gave these women an opportunity to travel to America. This is how the concept of mail-order brides or picture brides came into existence.

Mail-order brides from several countries

Mail order brides - Asian, Chinese Women

Mail order brides – Asian, Chinese Women

Asian mail-order brides: You can find many mail-order brides in Asia. Asian women are willing to marry foreign men because the country that they belong to is not developed. These Asian countries predominantly suffer from malnutrition, inflation, and unemployment. These women want a better lifestyle, and therefore, they want to marry a foreign man who is financially stable. It is primarily because of the economic factors that Asian women want to marry foreign men. However, Filipino women are in the mail-order bride industry because they aspire to marry abroad.

Mail order brides - Russian, European Women

Mail order brides – Russian, European Women

Eastern European mail order brides: You can find plenty of mail order brides from Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Women of Russia are interested in finding foreign partners because of their country’s social and economic conditions. More than half of the workforce of Russia constitutes women, but still, women are not equal to men in Russia. They often get lesser wages and hold jobs in lower positions. Therefore, Russian women want to marry a foreign man and settle in a country that can give them better economic facilities. Marriage is vital in Russia, and any woman who crosses the age of 30 in Russia is considered old. Due to these various reasons, we can find plenty of mail-order candidates from Russia.

How does an International Marriage Agency work?

Mail-order brides generally work with several reputed international marriage agencies. International marriage agencies are international marriage brokers and international introduction agencies.

Beautiful Russian women online datingInternational marriage agencies are large businesses that systematically introduces women and men from different countries for correspondence, dating, and marriage. Most of these matchmaking agencies are located in developing countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, and Thailand. These marriage agencies encourage women of the developing countries to register with them to communicate with men from developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, Northern America, and South Korea.

When the women register with these international marriage agencies, they can communicate with many foreign men. Many reputed international marriage agencies are doing a great job. The international dating site has many tools and facilities of online communication such as instant messaging, web chat, phone translation, email letters, live games, virtual gifts, and chatting through mobile.

The international marriage agencies are also known as mail-order bride agencies. However, many agencies think that the term mail-order bride is very derogatory as it seems that women are commodities available for sale. The primary services that these marriage agencies provide are:

  • Introductions between women and men
  • Translations between clients who do not speak a common language
  • Excursions or romance tours where a man gets to meet many women who are interested in marriage

Thus, you can see that Mail Order Brides have an exciting history. The way they came into existence is fascinating. There is a tremendous success rate in the marriage of foreign men with mail-order brides. The international marriage agencies play the role of a matchmaker perfectly, and their effort gives way to successful marriages.

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