Romance tours to China: Singles Vacation with Chinese Women

International Dating Singles Tours: Meet Beautiful Women on a Romance Tour

Romance tours to China: Singles Vacation with Chinese Women

February 2, 2024 Asian marriage tours 1
Romance Tour to Chongqing, China

China Romance Tours to Chongqing

China Romance Tours are specifically designed for single men to meet Chinese women.

For single Western men, a romance tour to China is an opportunity to meet the stunning Chinese women in Chongqing. Chongqing is a major metropolis in China’s southwest. With so much culture and history, Chongqing is a popular tourist destination. A Chinese romance tour to this location has made it a popular destination. China is a popular destination for single foreign men looking for wives.

You’re right to be interested in Chinese women because they have many advantages. Locating a local girl to date or marry is far easier than finding a Chinese mail-order bride. Fortunately, there are still many options available to you. The following are the most convenient and effective methods for meeting Asian mail-order brides, regardless of location: It’s impossible to meet your perfect Chinese woman if you’re just a visitor to China, which has a population of about 1.5 billion. A single trip to China to find a Chinese wife can take more time and cash than expected.

The best part is that you can meet Chinese women for marriage in their own country, thanks to an excellent option. A “Chinese bride tour” is the name given to this arrangement. A reputable online dating service typically organizes it and invites many Chinese mail-order brides as well as a few Western men. The guys and the Chinese women can then talk about their feelings and decide whether to continue the relationship in a more relaxed setting.

You can meet a potential Chinese wife and learn about Chinese culture by going on a Chinese romance tour, but there are no guarantees that it will work out. Internet dating is an excellent option to approach things more leisurely. Rather than only using the Internet to look for jobs or to buy their favorite things, most Chinese girls are now regular Internet users. Some even use it to find a new partner or marry a foreign man they’ve met on the internet. To assist you in finding a Chinese mail-order bride, we’ve put up a comprehensive guide on how to do so.

Men who take the Romance Tour to Chongqing, China have the opportunity to interact with exotic Chinese women in an unique social setting.

Meet Chinese women in Chongqing

Chinese women have always fascinated Western men with their sophistication, charm, and sweet demeanor. Chinese women are not only beautiful but also very traditional. Family is their top priority, and they envision marriage as a sacred bond. Their conventional marriage values touch the hearts of many foreign men. This is probably because the foreign men know they won’t get such a traditional woman in their native land. Therefore, foreign men cherish simple and beautiful Chinese women.

You will be able to meet plenty of beautiful Chinese women in Chongqing if you go on a romantic tour. The trip will surely provide you with romance and adventure. You must book a romance tour to Chongqing, China, as soon as possible if you are enamored with beautiful, traditional Chinese women. The experience of meeting a room full of exotic Chinese women would be unforgettable. A romance tour to China will be able to change your life beautifully.

Meet Chinese women during the romance tour to Chongqing

Chongqing is a large and exciting city. You can find great food, various sources of entertainment, and beautiful, world-renowned sights in Chongqing. The rich history of the city won’t fail to enthrall you.

And the best thing about Chongqing is the women residing there, who are delightful and charming. In this city, the Chinese women you can find are trustworthy, intelligent, and beautiful. They are immensely proud of their culture and would love to take you to your favorite places around the city.

Thus, when you take the romance tour to Chongqing, you will be able to learn about a new culture and, at the same time, meet some of the most fascinating and breathtaking Chinese women. Once a Chinese woman catches your fancy in the Socials, you can go on a date to some fantastic Chinese restaurants or stroll around some mesmerizing natural wonders of Chongqing.

Asian romance tours

The nightlife of Chongqing is trendy and happening. You can take your girl to a nightclub and have a wonderful time together. If you like dancing, you can attend a Chongqing dance club. If you want movies, you can take her to a theater. The restaurants in Chongqing will surely make your taste buds happy. Sichuan cuisine is spicy and incredibly tasty. There are also beautiful cafes throughout the city where you can talk with your lady over coffee.

The combination of exploring the beautiful city of Chongqing and meeting some kind-hearted, gorgeous Chinese women is fabulous.

Facilities on a marriage tour to Chongqing

Companies arrange romance tours, but their best are dating tours to Chongqing.  If you take the romance tour to Chongqing in China, you can spend six nights and seven days in Chongqing’s beautiful and rocking city. There will be enough time to ensure you meet your dream girl on a romance tour.

There are superb facilities that you will get on this tour. The facilities include two large socials where you can meet gorgeous women in the city. The women attending the socials would be given specific invitations by the company arranging your dating trip. These Chinese women are also looking for the man of their dreams, and if you can impress them, they will undoubtedly want to be your wife.

You will also get a complimentary interpreter to accompany you at the speed dating events, so that language cannot create a barrier between you and the Chinese ladies. We will provide you with plenty of personal introductions on a singles trip. Apart from the socials, you would get airport pickup, hotel accommodations in Chongqing, daily breakfast, city orientation, and hotel area tours. The hospitality of the staff will be warm and welcoming. You will indeed have a wonderful time on a marriage tour to China.

If a woman catches your fancy at any social event, tell the staff about it. They would happily arrange an extravagant date for the two of you. You can tell them if you want a personal dinner date or a vibrant day excursion. So, take a break from your hectic schedule and go on a matchmaking tour to Chongqing, China. Explore the natural wonders of the place, party hard, and interact with plenty of Chinese women. This trip can give you the love of your life.

For example,, a well-known international bride tour and marriage agency based in the United States, offers romance tours to China that include the following services:

  • Two fully catered events, each with a unique invitation and many attendees.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Unlimited introductions to local females
  • Complimentary interpreters are available at all social events.
  • Pickup from the airport
  • Every day, breakfast is served.
  • One hotel area and a sightseeing tour of the city
  • The tour team provides round-the-clock assistance and support.
  • In-house, free interpreting services are available at the AFA headquarters.
  • One month of platinum membership is $95.00.
  • “101 on Foreign Brides” (PDF version) Valued at $39.95, Bud Patterson’s

All the matchmaking services offered by are designed to help you meet an attractive Chinese woman. With the help of the Asian Singles Tour, you can explore your options while having a great time on your date. These are the essential matchmaking services offered.

Upcoming Romance tours to China

Chongqing China romance tourMay 21May 277 days / 6 nights$2795
Shenzhen China romance tourNov 17Nov 3010 days / 9 nights$3195
Shenzhen China romance tourNov 17Nov 237 days/6 nights$2795

How do you get married to a Chinese mail-order bride?

Chinese Brides - Mail order brides from ChinaWhen it comes to a long-distance romance, you don’t have to leave your house. Many Chinese women looking to find a husband in the United States use online dating services to connect lonely hearts. Chinese brides can quickly identify potential suitors and begin corresponding with them using online communication tools. If you want to meet and eventually marry a Chinese single, join a well-known dating site. This is the first step. Make sure you’ve done all the following:

  • Select a well-known online dating service.
  • Verify your identity and complete the registration process
  • Descriptive writing is an essential part of your account.
  • To find the proper Asian ladies, use search tools.
  • Start a conversation with potential brides-to-be right away.
  • There is a possibility that you could travel to China to find a Chinese mail-order wife.

Men from all over the world are interested in Chinese women for marriage and love. Most Asian women are also enamored with starting a family with a man from a different country. Chinese mail-order brides join popular dating websites because they hope to start a family with a man like you. Become a part of a Chinese heart if you so desire. Start your search on any of these Asian matchmaking platforms!


China Marriage service for men seeking China women for love, dating and marriage. How real are Chinese mail-order brides?

There is no doubt about it! Chinese mail-order brides aren’t some supernatural entities with all the features you’re looking for when finding your perfect wife. Ultimately, they are women who hope to improve their lives by marrying foreigners.

Is it legal to marry a Chinese woman?

If no one coerces the woman into marrying the man, it is perfectly legal for a guy to seek out a woman for his wife. In our previous post on marrying a Chinese girl, you can find more legal information.

Chinese bride costs?

The simple answer is that meeting a single Chinese woman online can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for most Western men.

To marry a Chinese woman, how long does the process take?

How frequently you use various dating services and how much dating experience you have all play a role in this question. When finding a beautiful woman to marry, Western men and women typically spend between six and 18 months searching.

What is a Chinese bride tour?

Chinese bride tours are similar to speed dating trips, except participants meet multiple women simultaneously. You can make friends, exchange phone numbers, and even find your future wife among the other women there. International dating services typically plan these matchmaking tours, which include city transfers and get-togethers with Chinese mail-order brides. There are options for both individual and group dating tours. The first option is for one man to meet many girls, while the second is for multiple men to meet a considerable number of women.

What to Expect from Chinese Singles Tours

Find a single Chinese girl interested in marrying a man from the West like you. The most reputable marriage agency in China holds three socials weekly, where you can mingle with approved Chinese mail-order women.

How much does it cost to go on a romantic tour in China?

Your preferences and the specifics of your situation determine the price, just like with any other dating service. If you live in the area, participating in a group tour will be more cost-effective than taking a private romance tour, flying first class, and staying in a five-star hotel. A range of prices is available, from $3,000 to $10,000.

Which are the best websites that provide Chinese brides?

Loveme is an online dating service designed specifically for single men like you who are interested in forming relationships with people from other nations. Loveme lets you meet women in over 20 cities in 8 different countries. It organizes dating trips to Ukraine, Colombia, China, and other Asian destinations. Make the choice that appeals to you the most, and your future will be revealed.

How do I choose the best romance tour company?

Find the right marriage agency or online dating service for you. It may appear simple, but it is not. We recommend you give yourself as much time as required to consider and evaluate each option. Examine the comments and reviews, the costs, and other information that a tour company provides you, including the terms and conditions. You could also check out the websites we recommend. Our specialists have investigated them all to guarantee that they are credible and trustworthy.

Is there a guarantee that the tour company will be successful?

It cannot be emphasized enough that this does not involve buying a foreign wife. Marriage agencies can do things such as book tickets, set up meetings, provide men with profiles of females, book residences for guys, etc.; however, they are unable to make individuals fall in love with one another or at least like each other enough to want to start a family together. The success rates of dating services inspire and give hope to every user, but this in no way ensures that they will find a partner.

Is it risky to take a dating trip to China?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any safety issues if you use a reputable dating service and take some basic safety measures to protect yourself and your identity while on a romance tour.

What are the most popular romance tour destinations?

Suppose you have never interacted with a woman from China in person. In that case, you should devote time to learning about the characteristics that set women apart from other countries. Thailand, Colombia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, and Mexico are the most popular destinations for men seeking a foreign wife.

How can you avoid dating scams?

Choosing a dating site carefully is the best way to avoid scams on dating websites. Even if you disclose personal information or actively communicate with Chinese women about marriage, there will be no safety concerns.

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