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Mail Order Brides Tours — What to Expect from Such Dating Trips?

International Romance Tours

What do romance tours offer?

Mail-order bride tours are highly adaptable and popular among single men worldwide. Numerous online dating platforms provide customized dating tours, and you may choose one based on price, duration, and the country or location you wish to visit. You can travel alone or with other single men on such matchmaking tours. This is not always advantageous due to competition. Aside from that, you will receive an extensive range of services if you purchase a matchmaking tour.

Meet 1000’s gorgeous women from Russia, Ukraine, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Thousands of beautiful single girls search for love, romance, and marriage. Marriage tours are a great way to meet women from Europe, Asia, or Latin America.  Meet many foreign women in a short period during a matchmaking tour. All romance tours include transfers, hotels, excursions, and introductions to beautiful Asian, European or Latin women.

Go on a vacation and meet beautiful women! We see the best results when men stop writing letters and just go on a matchmaking tour! We have multiple tours to Ukraine, Peru, China, and other great locations! It’s cheaper than any travel agent, plus you could quite possibly meet the love of your life. You will not only have unlimited personal introductions to the women in that area, but you will also enjoy two socials with 7-day tours and three with 10-day bride tours, where you will meet more women in one night than you have in the last five years!

Typically, a Romance Tour includes:

  • Transfer, airport
  • Accommodation
  • 24/7 personal transportation with a chauffeur-interpreter
  • Internet connectivity
  • Daily meals
  • Sightseeing trips
  • Discoveries of local culture, including traditional meals, celebrations, etc.
  • Romantic dating events with entertainment

Advantages of romance tours

Romance trips have numerous advantages. The following are a few examples:

  1. A high-quality romance tour does its utmost to ensure that you encounter only real women and never a fake profile. Quality marriage agencies consistently prioritize your safety and arrange meetings with genuinely beautiful women who satisfy all of your criteria.
  2. International dating can be enjoyable. However, issues such as a language barrier can occasionally arise. How will you be able to communicate if the other person does not speak your language? Fortunately, mail-order bride tours eliminate this inconvenience by translators. Whenever you require support, you can ask the translator for guidance and date without worry.
  3. Typically, getting in love with a woman from a different cultural background presents several obstacles. One of these possible obstacles is the incapacity to comprehend each other’s culture. You can now contact the agency for assistance and find ways to overcome specific cultural issues.
  4. Being distanced by thousands of kilometers does not sound like a favorable situation. You can depend on romance tours if you want to become closer to your bride and reduce the space between you.

Romance tour destinations

Mail-order bride tours are standard for western guys who wish to discover the ideal spouse. These matchmaking tours can be organized virtually everywhere. We frequently hear about Colombian mail-order bride trips, Ukrainian bride tours, and Latin romance trips. Then, let’s discover the most prominent locations and determine what makes them great.

Romance tours to Europe

Ukraine is a popular destination for western men seeking Slavic wives; hence foreign bride trips to the country are pretty standard. Many men acknowledge that it is relatively simple to connect with compatible single women and spend quality time with them. Additionally, there are numerous locations in Ukraine where you may simply meet women for marriage. Popular cities include Kyiv and Odesa, where many energetic, talented women reside. You can always meet an excellent, caring, pleasant partner who will become your most significant source of happiness. In addition, Ukrainian women are lovely and feminine, qualities that drive men wild for them. A Ukraine bride tour is your opportunity to meet, date, and eventually marry a woman while gaining a deeper understanding of her. You can visit cities such as Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and a few others during Ukrainian bride tours. Ukrainian ladies appreciate gentlemen who are thoughtful and receptive.

Ukraine marriage tour destinations:

    • Kiev
    • Odessa
    • Nikolaev

2022 Ukrainian romance tour schedule:

    • Kiev, Ukraine | November 17-November 26 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3895

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Romance tours to South America

Latin America is the complete antithesis of Europe and Russia. Consequently, the personality and temperament of local Latinas will likewise differ significantly from that of Slavic women. You will not be disappointed if you decide to travel to Latin America in the quest for a wife. There, you can meet voluptuous women with sun-kissed skin and captivating personalities. Additionally, they are well-mannered, polite, and receptive to guys who treat them properly. Latin brides are also passionate and outspoken, making life somewhat enjoyable and facilitating the resolution of many issues. The Latin romance trip lets you meet Colombian ladies face-to-face and provides numerous benefits while dating them. Typically, Colombian bride tours take place in Bogota, Cali, and Medellin. You receive a comprehensive package, but the dating tour is not that cheap. Plan as much as possible before the Colombian mail-order bride trips to get the most out of them and enhance your likelihood of success.

Latin marriage tour destinations:

    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • Lima, Peru
    • Machu Picchu, Peru
    • Costa Rica
    • Barranquilla, Columbia
    • Cartagena, Columbia
    • Medellin, Columbia

2022 Latin romance tour schedule:

    • Machu Picchu, Peru | March 10-March 19 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $5,095
    • Mexico City, Mexico | November 24-December 3 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3395
    • Costa Rica | September 29-October 8 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,195
    • Medellin, Colombia | September 22-October 1 (10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,095
    • Cartagena, Colombia | November 3-November 12 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,095

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    Romance tours to Asia

    Asia is a moderately popular mail-order bride travel location worldwide, which explains the popularity of Asian romance tours. Foreign men find Asian women attractive in various ways, including their appearance, fashion, temperament, and personality. Asia is home to some of the most dedicated, loving, and faithful spouses who never betray or dishonor their partners. In addition, local women are exceedingly feminine and polite. They feel exceptionally wonderful when a man takes care of them. Once you fly to Asia, you will likely meet your soulmate, who will fulfill you. The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and China are the most popular and romantic countries for this Asian mail-order bride journey. In addition, an Asian bride tour provides numerous opportunities to make the girl fall in love with you; before embarking on an Asian dating tour, research and visit the most attractive and interesting sites with the girl. This dramatically raises the likelihood of your mail-order bride tour being successful and demonstrates to the bride that you’re not just attempting your luck.

    Asian marriage tour destinations:

      • Cebu, The Philippines
      • Davao, The Philippines
      • Bangkok, Thailand
      • Shenzhen, China
      • Chongqing, China

    2022 Asian romance tour schedule:

      • Bangkok Thailand | August 25-September 3 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,195
      • Shenzhen China | November 17-November 26 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,195
      • Cebu Philippines | August 18-August 27 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,395
      • Davao Philippines | October 6-October 15 | 10 days-9 nights | Costs: $3,195


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    Asian romance tours

    Which romance tour should be selected?

    There are typically two varieties of romance tours: group and private. Which would best fit you and guarantee a problem-free dating experience? Read on to learn more.

    Group tours
    Those with no qualms about traveling in groups and meeting local women in each region benefit from group tours. Typically, the romance tour includes transfer, transplanting services, and a relaxing environment. The team of responsible individuals will provide you with contact information for local women, allowing you to begin your international dating experience. Such a romance tour is far less expensive than an individual one, but its coverage and opportunities are limited.

    Private tours
    As you can understand from the tour’s name, this event involves personally meeting women you are interested in. This romance tour provides the opportunity to meet singles one-on-one and have a positive dating experience with the assistance of an interpreter and personal assistant. The dating tour means you will receive individualized help and won’t be distracted by other men. This alternative is preferable to the first because it allows you to go whenever possible. Your assistant will promptly help you select a suitable date and organize your trip. Individual romance tours appear viable if you are looking forward to meeting brides and forming solid relationships.

    Are romance tours worthwhile?

    Many men choose romance tours as a valuable opportunity to travel to Europe and meet somebody genuinely interested in a sincere relationship. The international romance tours for mail-order brides are straightforward and well-organized. They are typically organized by dating services and have a particular objective: taking a dating trip to relax and meet beautiful women. These tours are great because they operate identically to standard package tours: matchmaking agencies often take care of everything, from airport transfers to hotel reservations.

    For upcoming dating tours and prices:

    As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy AFA Romance Tours, so sign up now and start taking an active approach to finding love!

    Romance Tour Discount and Savings

    • All romance tour reservations include $235 off Instant Value! If unsure of your desired destination or date, check out our Open Reservation options.
    • Choose a specific Ukrainian, Asian, or Latin American romance tour and pay in full 90 days in advance by personal check or money order to earn a substantial discount: Save $300 on your Ukraine tour and $100 on any Asia or Latin America tour. You are still eligible for the $200 “early-bird” discount if you pay for your Ukrainian Tour using a credit card 90 days in advance. To qualify for this prize, we must receive full payment and all tour-related documentation 90 days before departure.
    • Please complete the order form to reserve your spot on a Singles tour. Please keep in mind that your initial deposit of $475.00 is required to secure your reservation. The initial fee of $475.00 is entirely transferable to any other Singles Tour or Singles Tour Open Status. Your $475.00 tour deposit includes a one-month Platinum membership, a $50.00 Express Mail credit, and a K-1 Visa Kit (U.S. only, valued at $89.50). When placing your first deposit to secure your spot on your chosen tour or making an open reservation, you will receive more than $300.00 worth of goods and services.
    • Make your open reservation today and get a Free 1-month Platinum Membership, A $95.00 value & Free $50 Express Mail credit to enhance your correspondence opportunities before your trip & a Free Fiancee Visa Kit (for U.S. residents only), an $89.50 value.
    Is it possible to find a wife during an international bride tour?

    There are no promises of success, but many Western men find these singles tours highly fruitful. When you meet Russian women in their native environment, there is a greater chance that you will connect with one of them.

    How much do these romance tours cost?

    International dating services are responsible for uniting tens of thousands of individuals each year, and international mail-order bride tours are one of the most effective ways for people to find their overseas partners. The average cost of a romance tour ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 but can reach up to $15,000 at times. Typically, a marriage agency that organizes tours for mail-order brides includes everything in the overall price, including travel expenses, food, lodging, excursions to popular tourist destinations, and romantic dates.

    How should one apply for romance tours?

    To subscribe for a memorable love tour, you must select an international dating website or agency. Examine Russianbridesonline.com, choose the type of travel (group/solo), then purchase the package, with flights and accommodations included. For any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the chosen dating service.


    Romance tours for foreign brides are an enjoyable way to spend a weekend or holiday and find a beautiful wife and prospective marriage. You will only have to worry about how much fun you will have on such a trip, as its safety is guaranteed. Book your trip, pack your baggage, and enjoy your journey!

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