Surprising benefits of dating a foreign woman

Find a beautiful foreign woman for marriage

There are many reasons why you, the quintessential Western White Man should really think about dating a foreign lady.
Chances are you are looking for love or chances are you are looking for just physical intimacy,
some fun between the sheets or chances are that you are looking for a deep emotional, spiritual and intellectual connect
dating a foreign lady could give you all of that and more- and without you asking for it.
Here are our top 10 reasons why you should date one, setting aside your inhibitions.

1. LOOKS :: Foreign women are gorgeous!

Let’s face it, if you had to rank gene pools, you would realize that women with foreign blood have features you’d never see in your western white women counterparts. This is further strengthened by traditional food and ingredient choices which help them maintain a polished exterior which can carry off traditional and western attire with elan.
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2. FEMINITY :: Foreign women are feminine without making an effort!

Foreign cultures are very different from the western ones. One of the most important aspects of the foreign culture is the stress on how men and women walk, gesticulate and in some cases even cast glances. If you have found yourself feel sexually enticed by simply being in the company of say a Russian, French, Indian or other Asian woman, think back to the moment and remember how she may have glanced at you or moved her fingers. Since they grow up deeply immersed in these cultural nuances, by the time they come of age, they are following it unconsciously. So she becomes naturally charming.

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3. CROSSING BOUNDARIES :: Foreign women are more open to exploring

If you are meeting a foreign woman, you may be wondering about her culture. Remember, she is wondering about yours too. And both of you are on a journey of discovery of self and each other together. While at it, you may also test your boundaries. Unlike Western culture, foreign cultures have several traditional texts which glorify gaining pleasure from sexual acts such as the Shunga in Japan and the Kamasutra in India. So if both of you have chemistry and are consenting, remember you have just unlocked a treasure trove of gaining and giving pleasure. You can thank us later.

4. ADVENTURE :: Every date is an adventure

Russian Brides and Ukraine Girls for MarriageTypically foreign women come from cultures which place a high value in performing arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain guests. Being foreign and if they are in your society, they would naturally be bi lingual and well read about your culture as well as theirs. Every date could become a new journey for you as you discover your culture through her eyes and revel in the exotica of hers. Also factor in some time to watch her dance or let her regale you with fables from her part of the World or sing to you. You will not regret it.

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5. SURPRISE! :: Foreign women surprise you

Simply by being who they are in the bedroom and out of it, foreign women can surprise you in ways you may not have imagined. As we already mentioned, their movements are naturally feminine. Given the alien culture and sometimes even barriers of language, touch and feel get prioritized and once both of you have lowered your inhibitions to non-existent you will communicate more intuitively and through ways that are sure to entice you into remaining addicted for longer. After all who can resist the language of touch coming from a beautiful exotic woman?

6. PLEASURE :: The Tongue Factor

Meet Single Russian Women for Marriage - Russian Mail Order BridesWestern culture is a little squeamish about the use of the fingers and the tongue. Foreign culture is not. The whole of Asia knows how to eat daintily with their hands giving their fingers a kind of grace and flexibility that can work wonders in the bedroom. Add to it the tradition of giving massages and the huge range of aromatic oils that are at their disposal. While English has simplistic syllables, all languages beside it have a range of rather complicated tongue twisting ones. When you smooch a foreign lady on her lips or let her fingers roam over your body, you truly will know what the pleasure of fingers, hands and the tongue can bring.

7. TASTE:: Food and Beverage

A Western man who was dating a Japanese woman once returned much stressed from work. She led him into her house and took him to her little garden which she had planted and tended to herself. She then laid out the entire Japanese tea ceremony and hosted him for the evening, skillfully listening to him and relieving him of his stress and calming him down. The Chinese woman will be able to relieve you through working your pressure points and laying out a meal for you spiced to balance your body and mind through balancing elements. The Indian woman will be able to employ an arsenal of skills ranging from serving your comforting food and beverage to creating an aura of wellness using several sorts of incense, aromatic therapeutic oils and may even massage your body back to health, comfort and happiness. Would you really like to miss out on all of this?


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8. SEDUCTION :: The cultural nuance in seduction

Seduction is an art. It binds people together and takes them to a different emotional plane altogether. Who does not want to have a fulfilling sex life. For foreign women, sex is more than a physical joining – in foreign religions, sex is discussed much like everything else and has been developed into an art which can be learnt, taught and perfected. Add to it their own specific cultural nuance and you have a world unraveling in your bedroom that you knew nothing about. Asian women can be submissive to the point where they can be addictive, Russian women can be elegant and exotic and the French can introduce you to the wonders of sexual taboo with more than one partner in a way only they can make seem perfectly normal. After you have dated a foreign lady, you would have come out as wiser and more intelligent in the art of seduction and would have infallible success in getting dates.


199459 - Kate Age: 30 - Russia

199459 – Kate
Age: 30 – Russia

199460 - Anna Age: 26 - Russia

199460 – Anna
Age: 26 – Russia

199461 - Valentina Age: 29 - Russia

199461 – Valentina
Age: 29 – Russia

199462 - Yana Age: 41 - Ukraine

199462 – Yana
Age: 41 – Ukraine

199463 - Olesya Age: 24 - Russia

199463 – Olesya
Age: 24 – Russia

199464 - Nataliia Age: 33 - Ukraine

199464 – Nataliia
Age: 33 – Ukraine


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