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A romantic trip to the Philippines’ Davao City can change your life magnificently. The Philippine islands are so beautiful that you will surely be delighted. In addition, you will cherish something during this journey to meet the exotic and fascinating women of the Philippines. Singles tours to Davao City, the Philippines are arranged by A Foreign Affair. Romance tours are the way to interact with beautiful Philippine women.

Davao city romance tours for single men

The charming women of the Philippines

The best thing about the charming women of the Philippines is that all of them know English. Thus, there will be no problem in communication as the primary language of the Philippines is English. The women of the Philippines are educated, beautiful and loving. They are looking for love. If you manage to impress a woman of the Philippines, she will always be loyal and will love you forever.

Filipino women for marriage

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Davao City – A beautiful and fascinating place

The Philippines is a place which you would fall in love with. Almost all people residing in Davao City are educated, English-speaking and industrious. Davao City is quite fast-paced but it also provides lots of relaxation. The astonishing beauty of the outdoor locations can provide you some refreshment and contentment. Davao City is a metropolis comprising more than 1.5 million people.

You can also visit Cebu, which is another great location in the Philippines. It is a developed province of the Philippines and comprises golf courses, white sand beaches, five-star hotels, casinos, and shopping malls. The Philippines is a beautiful lush paradise. You would surely be enchanted by the beauty of both the place and the women residing there.

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Filipino Women Dating, Chat - Thousands of philippine ladies‎A romance tour provides some great facilities such as airport pickup, hotel accommodation in Davao City, accommodation in Cebu (if you wish to visit this location too), plenty of personal introductions, daily breakfast, city tours, amazing hospitality, and two large Socials with specific invitations. You would be able to interact with the gorgeous women of the Philippines in these two Socials. The Filipino women who will be attending the Socials would wait to meet and talk with you. This tour also provides you the facility of making dinner reservations and arranging a date if a particular woman catches your fancy in the Social. If you want to go for a day excursion, you would get that facility too on this tour.

If you decide to go on this romantic trip to Davao City in the Philippines, you will definitely be having the best time of your life there.

Philippines romance tours – 2021

 October 7 to October 13

October 7October 137 days/6 nights$2595

October 7 to October 16

October 7October 1610 days/9 nights$2995

 October 7to October 20

October 7October 2014 days/13 nights$3495

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