Top 8 countries that offer Mail order brides

Best countries for mail order brides

The term “mail order brides” is trendy in today’s date. Plenty of men look for mail-order brides for several reasons. Some prefer mail-order brides because they don’t get along well with the women of their cities or countries. Some others prefer mail-order brides as they want some adventure in their life or because they are lonely.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - 25 MAY: Runaway Brides Cosmopolitan took place in Ermitage Garden.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – 25 MAY: Runaway Brides Cosmopolitan took place in Ermitage Garden.

Therefore, if you are lonely or bogged down by your monotonous life, it is time to look for a bride online. In the Internet Age, nothing is impossible. You can get the true love of your life through the internet. With the vast number of girls registering in several international dating agencies, finding love on the internet is no more an alien concept. The Internet Age has filled the lives of lonely, depressed, and middle-aged bachelors with bliss by helping them to find their life partner.

Russian girls for datingNow, if you are looking for mail-order brides, it is quite expected that you would be confused and won’t know where to start from. There are hundreds of dating sites where thousands and thousands of single women register to find their life partners. All these single women are highly eager to marry foreign men for their own set of reasons. This article will let you know about the top 8 countries that offer Mail Order Brides.

1. Russia: So, the first country that features in our list is Russia. You can find plenty of mail-order brides from Russia. More than 600,000 Russian women can be found on several mail-order brides’ sites. The maximum number of profiles of women that you would find on the dating sites is from Russia. So, if you wish to marry a Russian girl, you can easily do so through several Russian dating sites.

Russian women are highly educated, and therefore, you will find a perfect match in them. These women know many foreign languages and are great professionals. They can get great jobs in a foreign country, and they can quickly adopt a new culture. As they are very educated, you can talk with them about a wide variety of subjects. You can quickly get along with these women. The Russian women are bold and don’t shy away from talking about sex. They are not conservative, and therefore, they can satisfy you if you need regular sex in the mail-order marriage.

Russian brides

Russian women are not much interested in Russian men because these men are alcoholic, disloyal, and known to commit domestic violence. Therefore, the divorce rate among Russian men and women is increasing with every passing day. Therefore, Russian women want to settle with a nice, well-behaved foreign man who will value and respect them.

In terms of exoticism, Russian women do not rank much higher. They blend very quickly when placed in a Western city apart from being a little overdressed. You would not feel that they don’t belong in your city and that’s a good thing. However, if you want an exotic bride, then perhaps Russian women will not be the perfect match for you.Karavay is a traditional round Russian yeast sweetbread usually baked for weddings

It is straightforward to travel to Russia as it is a large country. However, getting from one place to another in Russia can be difficult as Russia is well known for corruption and bureaucracy.

2. The Philippines: The following country is known for mail-order brides in the Philippines. The best thing about Filipino women is that they are travelers right from birth. This is what separates them from the other Asian women. Since overseas employment is a common thing in the Philippines, the women of this country don’t have any problem settling in a foreign land after marriage.

Filipina brides

Filipina mail order brides

Filipina bride

The divorce rate is low in the Philippines, but the women still don’t want to stay there forever. This is because the Philippines is quite an emerging country. Therefore, the women want to marry a foreign man who is financially stable. Moreover, these women prefer white men, and so they don’t find the local guys attractive. Filipina also tends to believe that American men are kind, romantic, and thoughtful.

Filipino women are pretty exotic. The mix of classic Asian and Polynesian features makes them look unique.

Filipino women are very family-oriented and love to put their family on top of their priority chart. Most of the women can speak English, and therefore, you won’t face any language barrier. You can easily travel to the Philippines as the flights are frequent.


3. Colombia: The women of Colombia have recently taken an enormous space in the mail-order industry, and therefore, this country features on the third spot in our list. Colombian women seek true love and believe that they will get that in a foreign man.

Colombian brides

Colombian mail order brides

Colombian bride

Among all the South American countries, Colombia is the number one country in the mail-order bride industry. Colombian women are beautiful. With the perfect amount of sultriness and great dance moves, they can easily take your heart away.

The women of Colombia are not much interested in Colombian men because the Colombian men score higher in infidelity. Therefore, Colombian women are looking for a western man who would love them and be loyal.

In the exotic quotient, these women don’t score much higher if the man is from the US. This is because Colombian women look like Latin girls. However, if the man is Australian or European, he would find her very exotic.

Colombia is located far away, and therefore, many bride-seekers do not feel comfortable traveling to Colombia in search of a bride. There are also language issues that the bride-seeker can face in this country.

4. Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic is the only Caribbean country that offers mail-order brides. This small country has great economic opportunities and some stunning women.

Dominican brides

Dominican mail order brides

Dominican brides

Dominican women are known to be great cooks. These women are hard-working and lovely. They are humble, polite, and submissive. All these qualities of the Dominican Republic women make them attractive to foreign men, especially those who are authoritative and quiet.

Dominican women are not interested in Dominican men because these men are poor and not ambitious. The Dominican women crave financial stability and a luxurious lifestyle, which they wish to get from a foreign man.

These women are pretty exotic and can charm you easily. There are regular flights to Dominican Republic from the US, so it is not a problem traveling to this country. Moreover, the developed infrastructure of this country makes it a great place to visit.

5. Ukraine: Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe, is well known for its pretty women. You will find plenty of mail-order brides from Ukraine. These lovely women are highly educated, fluent in many foreign languages, and very adventurous. You can quickly get along with them.

Ukrainian brides

Ukrainian mail order brides

Women of Ukraine look for true love who can fill their life with happiness. These women don’t look too different from women of Western Europe. However, their sensual Slavic accent will make you crazy.

It is straightforward to travel to Ukraine, and therefore many bride-seekers travel to this country in search of a bride. The people of Ukraine are very welcoming, and you would have a great time in this place.

Thai mail order brides6. Thailand: The sixth country that offers mail-order brides in Thailand. Thai women look for a foreign man because their country is poor, and they crave financial stability. Moreover, they believe that men with pale skin are socially superior.

The women of Thailand are true, exotic beauty, and therefore, plenty of foreign men get attracted to them. Moreover, the Thai women are very family-oriented and affectionate, but it is also true that these women are pretty unworldly.

Thai brides

Thailand is a beautiful place, and many foreign men flock to Thailand every year in search of a perfect bride. Meet Thai Women, a Thai Wife, or Thai Bride in Thailand. Thai women seek Marriage on the internet. Find Thailand women on a Thai Romance Tour.

7. China: Chinese women are classic Asian beauty, and all the foreign men who dream of getting an exotic Asian bride would love to marry a Chinese woman. The Chinese women are respectful and a little aggressive.

Chinese brides

Chinese mail order brides

Chinese bride

Most Chinese women have never traveled to a different country, and therefore, they are less worldly and don’t know many foreign languages. The language barrier of China often creates a problem, but still, their exotic look manages to attract plenty of foreigners. Chinese women prioritize family and relationships. They can prove to be a great wife, but the online visibility of Chinese women is not too high.

8. Brazil: The last country on our list that offers mail-order brides is Brazil. The women of Brazil are quite diverse, just like the country they live in. The Brazilian women are stunning with stunning features.

Brazilian brides

Brazilian mail order brides

Brazilian bride

Brazilian women look for a foreign man that these women are incredibly independent and feel that they would be chained if they get married to a Brazilian man. They are also very traditional and value their families a lot.

You can find various types of women in Brazil, such as Latino, African, European, Indian, and American. Therefore, you will never run short of options.

The Brazilian women only speak Portuguese, and any other foreign language is hardly spoken there.

So, these are the 8 top countries that offer mail-order brides. Once you decide that you want to marry someone from a faraway place, you should join an international dating site where you can find plenty of mail-order brides waiting for you. You can choose women from the countries listed above. According to your preferences, you can start interacting with the women who are members of the dating sites. If you are lucky, then you will surely come across your true love.

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