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Miss Colombia Romance Tour to Cartagena

Colombian personals - Dating women from Colombia.The Miss Colombia Tour is the most popular and desired tour to South America. Some engaging activities such as the Mini Formula One Race and the Colombian Beauty Pageant make people crave to go on this tour. This is the primary reason why the number of seats is always limited, as the demand is enormous. The number of seats gets filled very quickly, and so if you want to go the Miss Colombia Tour, you need to make your bookings early. The tour is arranged beautifully by Romance tours Colombia which provides plenty of facilities. Thus, if you are thinking about this tour, then you must make your reservations today. You will surely get an assured spot that would promise to give you the best vacation of your life.


A romance tour to Cartagena, Colombia, would be an extraordinary and memorable experience of your life. All Cartagena Tours are remarkable, but a romance tour scheduled for November is more unique than the other ones. The reason is that the Colombian National Beauty Pageant is held in November in Cartagena. Therefore, the tour won’t be like any other tours. It will be an exceptional and magical tour. A week of festivities and parties would fill you up with adventure and excitement. You would surely love to enjoy the entire pageant, especially the bikini contest and, finally, the crowning of Miss Colombia. All the beautiful women of Colombia participate in the pageant, and nowhere else would you get the chance to see so many beautiful women together in Colombia. It would indeed be a magical experience for you. Thus, you cannot afford to miss this fascinating tour.

Join a fascinating Miss Colombia Tour – Romance Tours – 2021 

Dual Romance Tours to Colombia

January 21February 314 days/13 nights*Price includes 1 extra hotel night and transportation between cities.$4495
January 28February 1014 days/13 nights*Price includes 2 extra hotel nights and transportation between cities.$4495
January 21February 1021 days/20 nights*Price includes 2 extra hotel nights and transportation between cities.$6595
August 5August 1814 days/13 nights*Price includes 1 extra hotel night and transportation between cities.$4495

A single man vacation romance tour is there to meet pretty Colombian women for marriage

Another fantastic event takes place in Cartagena in November, which you would surely enjoy. The event is known as “Parade on the Water,” and it is world-renowned. A unique festival and you can find boats from far away regions coming to soak in the excitement and fun of the festival. During this festival, you would see plenty of beautiful South American women on the back of boats wearing a bikini. This is something that you have to experience to believe.

Apart from these spectacular events, there are also 2 Large Socials included in this tour where you can meet thousands of sincere, beautiful, and interesting women. The Miss Colombia Tour has the potential to make your life magical.

A romance tour to Cartagena, Colombia, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

The Miss Colombia Tour includes airport pickup, a city tour, a trip to the island, two large socials, plenty of personal introductions, and accommodation for six nights and seven days. You can look at the critical dates if you want to enjoy the Miss Colombia Pageant thoroughly. Then you can decide if you need to extend your stay.

The Parade on the Street takes place on 11th November, and the Parade on the Water takes place on 12th November. The Costume Contest takes place on 13th November, the Bikini contest takes place on 14th November, and the Final Contest takes place on 15th November. These six days are the most important days to enjoy the Miss Colombia Tour.

Meet Colombian ladies while on vacation. The Miss Colombia Tour is the most popular and sought-after South American tour.

Apart from seeing the breathtaking women in the Miss Colombia pageant, you would be introduced to them personally through this tour. The Cartagena Office makes arrangements for personal introductions. You can check out the thousands of profiles of women and let them know if any particular woman catches your fancy. Cartagena is a very romantic city. So you can enjoy going for a walk on the beach on a moonlit night or having dinner in a superb restaurant with your date.

Many romantic possibilities are waiting for you on this singles tour. It would be best if you grabbed them to the fullest. You will be introduced to some exciting and unique events in Cartagena, such as reef diving, deep-sea fishing, boat trips, and carriage rides. You will indeed have an adventurous time with some beautiful women by your side. If you love some loud places, then you can go to casinos and discotheques.

Cartagena is a stunning city in Colombia that provides the ideal backdrop for dating and having fun. This Romance Tour can help you to find the love of your life. The women of Colombia are also searching for their ideal partner who would love them throughout their lives. Thus, if they feel that you can be the perfect partner, your life will magically change forever. Therefore, you must make your reservations today for the fascinating Miss Colombia Tour. On our next Latin romance trip, you will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of ladies.

Meet hundreds of Colombian women on the upcoming Singles tour 2021

Colombian dating tours are events for single Western men who want to meet Colombian mail-order brides.

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