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Romance tours to China

Romance Tours to China – 2021

Meet the most beautiful Chinese women. Chinese brides. Chinese women seeking romance, love and marriage.Dating Tours to China – China is one of the most spell-bounding travel destinations in the world. The Great Wall of China, the beautiful, enthralling landscapes and the incredible food of China makes it a great place to travel. Shopping in China is also great fun as you can bargain a lot. The cities of China are also wonderful to travel. Another amazing thing about China is the amazing Chinese women. Chinese women are quite fascinating because they value marriage and family wholeheartedly. They are also extremely charming and sophisticated. Your romance trip to China would be a thousand times better if you interact with at least one Chinese woman.

The best thing about Chinese women is that they are different from other women. Unlike other independent women, they like their man to take charge of their lives. They do not take offence when their man takes a decision on behalf of them.

China Love Tours for Single Western Men

Meet Chinese women on a China Romance Tour A Chinese woman would prefer her man to take the decisions regarding which restaurant to have lunch or which movie to watch. She won’t like a man if he tells her to take all these decisions. She may feel that the man is not strong and lacks the qualities of leadership. This is a trait that many men find irresistible and charming. Men love to take charge of decisions and since Chinese women prefer their men to be decisive, many men would love to marry Chinese women.

A romance tour is a great way to meet single Chinese women. These great romance tours to China are arranged by Dating Tours. If you take a romance tour to China, you would be able to meet plenty of attractive Chinese women. Meet the beautiful women of China along with exploring the fascinating country. Single tours for western men seeking Chinese women for marriage are organized neatly by this Singles & travel site – Asian Brides Online.

Romance tour to Shenzhen, China

Chinese bride for marriageShenzhen is a beautiful and modern city in China where beautiful Chinese women can be found. Shenzhen is a major city in the South of Southern China’s Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. The Shenzhen China romance trip can literally change your life for good. You can meet the most beautiful Chinese women and spend some quality time with them. The trip includes airport pickup, hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, city tour and great hospitality. Apart from that, two large specific invitations, unlimited personal introductions and complimentary interpreters are also included in the Shenzhen China romance trip.

Romance tour to ShenzhenYou would be able to spend 6 nights and 7 days in the beautiful city of Shenzhen. In those two large specific invitations, you can meet plenty of beautiful and young Chinese women. These women also want to find the man of their life in the USA, Canda or Europe. You can be that man if you approach them with a decent and generous attitude.


  • Two fully catered, specific invitation, large Socials
  • Hotel accommodations in Shenzhen China
  • Unlimited Personal Introductions
  • Complimentary interpreters provided at all Socials
  • Airport Pickup
  • Breakfast daily
  • One hotel area and city orientation tour
  • 24 hour hospitality and guidance from our AFA staff
  • In-house complimentary interpreting services located in the AFA office
  • 1 month Platinum Membership ($95.00 value)

Chongqing brides – Shenyang brides – Chinese brides – Shenzhen brides – Single Asian girls

Open Reservation $475
Shenzhen ChinaNov 23rdNov 29th7 Days / 6 Nights$2095
Shenzhen ChinaNov 23rdDec 2nd10 Days / 9 Nights$2495
Nov 26thDec 5th10 Days/9 nights$2995
Nov 26thDec 9th14 Days/13 nights$3495
*If you can’t make a tour date, try our personal tours, anytime! Click here for more information about our Asian Club .

Single Chinese women dating sites

Dating a Chinese woman is a dream for many Western men

Chinese women love western men who have great manners and good etiquettes. Be a gentleman and treat her like a lady. It would be even greater if you learn some common Chinese phrases. That would make her feel that you are trying hard to impress her. She would be greatly impressed by your little efforts. The 7 days stay in Shenzhen can actually help you to meet the love of your life.

Chinese women women are among the most beautiful, sincere and devoted women. Asian Brides Online offer singles tours to China that allow you to meet Chinese ladies looking for husbands abroad. During your trip you will meet women of China. All romance tours include transfers to and from the Airport & Hotel accommodations. A Marriage tour or dating tour is designed for single western men to meet attractive Chinese single women seeking love, romance and marriage. Meet pretty Chinese girls online. Find a loving Chinese girlfriend in China. Asian Brides a hugh database of Chinese, Filipino and Thai women. Beautiful Chinese women seeking Romance abroad.

Romance tours to the Philippines

Romance tours to the Philippines

Philippine Brides - Mail order brides from PhilippinesThe Philippines is a beautiful and fascinating country. It is a cheap travel destination filled with beautiful beaches, enthralling landscapes, friendly people and beautiful Filipino girls. It is an amazing country that will surely mesmerize you. Here are some of the reasons for travelling to the Philippines.

  • The women of the Philippines: Filipino women are very warm, friendly and kind people. You will always find them in happy and smiling faces. They love to celebrate every occasion and are welcoming. When you will find the local people so warm and friendly towards you, your trip would be definitely wonderful.
  • Pretty beaches and islands: If you love beaches and islands, then this is the country for you. You will find plenty of pretty sandy beaches and crystal clear sea of turquoise color.
  • Beautiful nature: This country has diverse wildlife and is rich in beautiful landscapes. There are waterfalls and lakes that will enthrall you. You can also find plenty of birds and coral species in the Philippines.
  • Pleasant Climate: The weather in the Philippines is very pleasant. There are no extreme temperatures.
  • No language problem: This is the best thing about the Philippines. More than 90% of the population can speak English. Thus you will never face any language problem there.

Romance tours to the Philippines

Love tours to the Philippines

Apart from these reasons, Single American men can travel to the Philippines to find a pretty Filipino girl. You can find beautiful women in the Philippines. Most of the women are literate and can speak fluent English. They are educated and industrious.

Filipina women tour to Davao & Cebu Philippines

There are romance tours offered by Asian romance tours. They arrange social events where you can meet the beautiful women of the Philippines. You don’t have to worry much about arranging dates. They would take care of organizing great dates and dinner reservations.

The romance tour to Philippines comprises hotel accommodations in places like Cebu or Davao, plenty of personal introductions to women, airport pickup, daily breakfast, city tour, hospitality and the “Foreign Bride Travel Guide”.

Philippine Brides - Mail order brides from PhilippinesCebu is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It comprises white sand beaches, shopping malls and five-star hotels. However the women of Philippines are much more beautiful than Cebu. They are appealing, educated, charming and looking for love. Davao is another beautiful city in the Philippines. It has breathtaking locales and is a fast-paced cosmopolitan city. It is one of the largest metropolises in the world.

Here are some of the most important reasons for choosing a Filipino mail order bride. Filipino women are generally very loyal. They view marriage as a life-time bond. They do not think of divorce.

Romance tours to Chongqing, China

Chongqing romance tour – 2019

Meet the beautiful Women of Chongqing, China

Meet the beautiful women of Chongqing, China

The Romance tour to Chongqing, China is a unique experience that gives western men the opportunity to meet beautiful Chinese women of Chongqing.Chongqing is a large city located in Southwest China. The rich culture and significant history of Chongqing attracts plenty of tourists to this place. This place is especially famous for the romance tours that are conducted to this place. Plenty of single foreign men travel to Chongqing in search of the love of their life.

Meet Chinese women in Chongqing

Chinese women for dating

Chinese women have always fascinated western men for their sophistication, charm and sweet demeanor. The Chinese women are not only beautiful, but also very traditional. Family is their top priority and they envision marriage as a sacred bond. Their traditional values of marriage touch the hearts of many foreign men. This is probably because the foreign men are well aware that they won’t get such a traditional woman in their native land. Therefore, the foreign men cherish the simple and beautiful Chinese women.

You will be able to meet plenty of beautiful Chinese women in Chongqing if you go for a romantic tour. The trip would surely provide you with romance and adventure. If you have a fascination for the beautiful and traditional Chinese women, then you must take the romance tour to Chongqing in China as soon as possible. The experience of meeting a room full of exotic Chinese women would be unforgettable. The romantic tour would be able to change your life beautifully.

Meet Chinese women during the romance tour to Chongqing

Beautiful girls from Chongqing for datingChongqing is a large and interesting city. You can find great food, various sources of entertainment and beautiful world-renowned sights in Chongqing. The rich history of the city won’t fail to enthrall you.

And, definitely the best thing about Chongqing is the women residing in Chongqing who are absolutely delightful and charming. The Chinese women that you can find in this city are trustworthy, intelligent and beautiful. They are very proud of their culture and they would love to take you to the favorite places around the city.

Chinese women for dating

Thus, when you would take the romance tour to Chongqing, you would be able to know about a new culture and at the same time, meet some of the most fascinating and breathtaking Chinese women. Once a Chinese woman catches your fancy in the Socials, you can go on a date with her to some amazing Chinese restaurants or stroll around some mesmerizing natural wonders of Chongqing.

The nightlife of Chongqing is trendy and happening. You can take your girl to a nightclub and have a great time together. If you are fond of dancing, then you can go to a rocking dance club in Chongqing. If you are fond of movies, then you can take her to a theater. The restaurants of Chongqing will surely be able to make your taste buds happy. The Sichuan cuisine is spicy and incredibly tasty. There are also beautiful cafes throughout the city where you can talk with your lady love over a cup of coffee.

The combination of exploring the beautiful city of Chongqing and meeting some kind-hearted, gorgeous Chinese women is fabulous.

Facilities on the marriage tour to Chongqing

There are several companies that arrange such romance tours, but the best of them is definitely Dating tours to Chongqing.  If you take the romance tour to Chongqing in China, then you would be able to spend 6 nights and 7 days in the beautiful and the rocking city of Chongqing. The long span of time will ensure that you meet your dream girl on the tour.

There are some wonderful facilities that you will get on this tour. The facilities include the two large Socials where you can meet some of the most gorgeous women in the city. The women attending the Socials would be given specific invitations by the company arranging your tour. These women are also looking for the man of their dreams and if you are able to impress them, then they will surely want to be your wife.

Chinese Brides - Mail order brides from China

Hot Chinese Brides – Chinese women for marriage

You would also be given a complimentary interpreter who will accompany you in the Socials so that language cannot create a barrier between you and the Chinese ladies. You will be provided with plenty of personal introductions in the tour.

Apart from the Socials, you would also get airport pickup, hotel accommodations in the city of Chongqing, daily breakfast, a city orientation tour and a hotel area tour. The hospitality of the staff will be warm and welcoming. You will surely have a great time on the tour.

If a woman catches your fancy in any of the Socials, you should tell the staff about it. They would be happy to arrange an extravagant date for the two of you. You can tell them if you would like it to be a personal dinner date or a vibrant day excursion.

So, just take a break from your hectic schedule and go on a romantic tour to Chongqing in China. Explore the natural wonders of the place, party hard and interact with plenty of Chinese women. This trip can give you the love of your life.

China Marriage service for men seeking China women for love, dating and marriage.

Upcoming Romance tours to Chongqing, China

Chongqing China romance tourMay 21May 277
days/ 6 nights
Chongqing China romance tourMay 21May 3010
days/ 9 nights
Chongqing China romance tourMay 21Jun 314
days/ 13 nights

Kazakhstan brides – Mail order brides from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan brides – Meet Kazakh girls for marriage

Kazakhstan is one of the biggest yet lesser known countries of the world. It is also one of the most diverse countries in the world. This country is situated in between Asia and East Europe. The neighborhood countries of Kazakhstan are Uzbekistan, Russia, and China. Thus, the culture of Kazakhstan is a mixture of Eastern Europe and Central and Western Asia. During the reign of Stalin, many people from the Soviet Union had emigrated from the Soviet Union to Kazakhstan. Thus the total of the Kazakhstan population, only 60% are the natives of this country. The other 40% of the citizen are immigrants from Russia or Ukraine. The people of Kazakhstan speak Russian along the native language Kazakh. A large portion of the population of Kazakhstan is Sunni Muslims.  The rest of the populations are Catholic.


For this kind of cultural diversity, the pure blood of Kazakhstan has been mixed with the East European blood for a very long time. There are very few people in the Kazakhstan remained nowadays who possess one hundred percent pure blood of Kazakhstan. Thus, the girls of Kazakhstan possess the wild beauty of various mix races. They possess a mixture of European and Asian beauty. Their features clearly define the mixed beauty of Asia and East Europe.

Kazakhstan Women for Marriage. Kazakhstan BridesBeauty is not only the attribute of the girls of Kazakhstan. They are also loving, caring, rational yet extremely well-educated girls. The amazing beauty of women of Kazakhstan is a mix blend of Kazakh beauty with Russian, Ukrainian and not to mention Chinese beauty. Thus, the beautiful girls of Kazakhstan are most likely the perfect choice for the mail order brides. The girls of Kazakhstan are slightly darker than the normal European girls, and they also possess the darker hair and eyes. Thus, Kazakh girls look very attractive in the eyes of the western men.

Kazakhstan girls as mail order brides

 Kazakh brides. Meet Hundreds of beautiful single brides from Kazakhstan.Kazakh girls are very open-minded about becoming mail order bride for the men from Western World.  They cherish the idea of meeting single eligible Bachelors from the western world through the dating sites or matchmaking portals and become the mail order brides for them. Although there are lots of Catholics are there in Kazakhstan, most of the citizens are Muslim. Bigamy is still legal and a common practice in Kazakhstan, especially among the Muslim people. On the other hand, the Sunni Muslims of Kazakhstan are quite open minded in terms of independence of Women. So the girls of Kazakhstan often opt for the grooms from Western world with the hope that they will be the one and only Bride in the life of their groom. The independence they have offered also gives them the courage to face a life away from their known surroundings, to choose a life quite different from the life they have led so far. Another factor of Kazakhstan is, there are far more female in Kazakhstan rather than male population. Thus, bigamy for men is a common practice. Kazakhstan is a relatively poorer country, on the top of that, being the third or fourth wife of any men scares the girls of Kazakhstan to accept the lure from the western country.

Many Western men wish to marry girls from Kazakhstan

Meet Kazakh women for marriage. Meet Hundreds of beautiful single girls from Kazakhstan.The western women are fiercely independent. They are generally very career oriented and their first priority is always their work and social life. On the other hand, the Asian or East European girls are quite different as their first priority is always their family. The western men sometimes prefer the women who are very feminine, possess the traditional view of marriage and children. Kazakhstan women are normally very caring about their family. The girls of Kazakhstan suit their requirement as they are most likely to choose the family over career and ambition. The other fact is that the Kazakh women are more available than most of the other middle Eastern or Asian girls as a bride. The girls from Kazakhstan are easy going and easily available mail-order brides from the West-Asian countries.

How to meet girls from Kazakhstan

Beautiful Kazakhstan Mail Order BridesThe online dating sites give you easily access to the contact of the Kazakhstan women who are willing to meet and date the western men. Be careful about the sites especially the free websites which can be fraud. In the case of paid websites, it is lesser chance to get acquainted with these kinds of frauds.  Before you are finalizing your relationship without meeting a Kazakhstan woman, get acquainted with her properly. Don’t send money or the other material things until and unless you are absolutely sure about the girl and your relationship. In the case of any doubt, don’t ignore your suspicion or instinct. The online marriage portal or traditional marriage agencies can also help you in finding the eligible girls from Kazakhstan. All over that, the best way to meet the girls from Kazakhstan is to travel to Kazakhstan and meet some of the best eligible girls of this country.

So, your dream of a mail-order bride can be lead you to the beautiful girls of Kazakhstan. It can be a tedious journey from the far end of the Western country, but the result will be worth every penny and effort.

Ukrainian women – Marriage tours to Krivoy Rog

Krivoy Rog – Ukrainian women marriage tours

The Krivoy Rog Romance Tour is the best thing that you can gift to yourself. If you sign up for this romance tour, you would be able to meet plenty of stunning Ukrainian women. You can also visit and explore the city of Krivoy Rog at the same time. Krivoy Rog is known as one of the largest cities in Europe. This city has an unusual length and shape because according to history, it was created along the several mining shafts.

Ukrainian Girls - Meet Hot Women From Ukraine

There are several reasons why the amazing city of Krivoy Rog has been chosen as the romance tour destination. There are plenty of attractive single Ukrainian women in Krivoy Rog. All of them have a cheerful personality. However, these beautiful women do not get many opportunities to meet Western men. Therefore, romance tours in this city provide a great opportunity for these stunning women to meet Western men by attending the Socials.

Meet beautiful Ukraine woman hereThe other reason for choosing Krivoy Rog as the romance tour destination is that the city exudes a small town feel. The hotel accommodations are very affordable and therefore, travelers do not face any problem in visiting Krivoy Rog. The best thing about the Krivoy Rog Tour is that you get to explore another bonus city called Dnepropetrovsk. It is located close to Krivoy Rog and is very popular for the beautiful Ukrainian women residing there.

Meet beautiful women in Ukraine

The Krivoy Rog Ukrainian Women Romance and Dating Tour would give you the wonderful opportunity to explore two new cities and also meet plenty of stunning Ukrainian women there. Both the cities are wonderful with a distinct flavor. If you are fond of exploring new places and meeting new people, you will surely have a great time on this tour.

ukrainian woman for datingMany beautiful Ukrainian women reside in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. This bonus city is added to the romance tour so that you can meet lots of beautiful women in the tour. There is a huge possibility that you might find the true love of your life in this romance tour. The Krivoy Rog Romance Tour would provide you with some great effective means so that you can meet plenty of beautiful women.

Three large Social gatherings, One-on-One introductions and New Applicant Interviews are a part of the romance tour that will let you meet single Ukrainian women. The romance tour will comprise countless introductions and meetings with beautiful Ukrainian women from Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog.

Let’s look at the important facilities of the Krivoy Rog Romance Tour:

  • Coach transport is available to and from hotel always. It is also available when you are going to attend any event.
  • Hotel accommodations in the city of Krivoy Rog and also in the 5 star grand hotel of Dnepropetrovsk.
  • Personal introductions to about 1000 available Ukrainian women whose profile is listed in the catalog.
  • Three large Socials that are fully catered and where only specific people are invited.
  • Complimentary interpreters who will accompany you at every Social.
  • Daily breakfast.
  • A City Sightseeing tour of three hours.
  • Hotel area walking tour and City orientation tour.
  • 24 hour guidance and hospitality from the staff.

Krivoy Rog is a very charming city and you would surely love your stay in the city. The charm of the city is complimented well by the charming Ukrainian women residing there. There are many cultural institutions and sport stadiums in the city.

Try to meet as many beautiful Ukrainian women as you can in this lovely city. If anyone catches your fancy, go out on a date with her. The staff would always take care of your needs. Your Krivoy Rog Ukrainian women romance and dating tour would surely be a very memorable part of your life.

Krivoy Rog – Ukraine Women Singles Tours – Ukraine Brides

Krivoy Rog - Ukraine Women Singles Tours - Ukrainian Brides

Join NOW a Romance Tour to Ukraine

Travel to Russia and meet Russian women ?

Meet Russian mail order brides in Russia

Russian women are gorgeous. They are not only beautiful but intelligent too and serious about their relationships. Men who date Russian women are all praise for them. Do you want to date Russian women? Where would you meet Russian women for dating? Of course in Russia. So, you need to travel to Russia. The country being situated in another continent and having different immigration laws and culture make it necessary for you to know how to travel to Russia easily.

Plan your trip to Russia

Where do you want to go in Russia? Moscow and St. Petersburg are the major cities in Russia that get most foreigners. However there are other cities like Samara and Omsk that are popular too. You can meet beautiful Russian women in Russia. There are plenty of flights that connect these cities to major cities of the world. You need to decide where and for how long you would be going to Russia. Once your initial plan is ready, you have to apply for visa and book your flight. Traveling by train is another option which is more romantic but time consuming.



Before applying for a Russian visa, go through the details so that you are ready with all the necessary documents. Travel companies may also help you in this regard. It is better to learn about custom regulations so that you do not have to pay any extra tariff.

Get flight tickets to Russia

Your visa is ready and so is your plan. Now you need flight tickets to enter this lovely country.

Get flight bookings on your own and save on your money. Choose flights with fewer stopovers. Flights that have many airport changes take more time and cause fatigue and stress. You may have to shop around for cheap flights with fewer stopovers. Instead of doing this on your own, you can hire travel agents and tell them about your requirements. Trusted and registered agents would always keep your interest in mind while getting flight bookings. Of course, you must get round trips to save money.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Remain connected through cell phones in Russia

Cell phones have become our primary necessity. Moreover, if you are traveling to Russia to date women there, you need a mobile to contact them and fix dates. So, a cell phone is necessary while you are in Russia. Will your U.S. or U.K. cell phone work in Russia? Most probably not. Even if they do, international roaming charges may burn a hole in your pocket. So, it is a better idea to get a local cell phone.russian-girl-smartphone

Hotels in Russia

There are plenty of hotels in Russia, both luxury and budget. According to your budget, you have to book hotels but check the amenities and locational advantage before paying any money. You may contact local travel agents to book hotels for you or search in the internet and make prior arrangements.


Best Moscow Hotel

Travel around the country

You may want to travel to other parts of Russia to explore the country. This is always a great idea as you can learn more about the place and the people too. Try to gather more knowledge about the country and its cities. As for example, during the winter, it would be better to travel to warmer parts of the country. Sochi, situated on the coast of Black Sea is a warm place with Mediterranean climate. You may also choose to travel to the country during the summer.

Real Russian countryside

Real Russian countryside

Learn the Russian language

I know this is easier said than done. Learning a new language is not easy but you can pick up a few phrases and common terms. This would help you in communicating with the local people. Moreover, your Russian dates would be impressed by your interest in their language.

Some phrases :

  • Hi! = privet!
  • Good morning! = dobraye utra!
  • Good evening! = dobriy din!
  • How are you? = kak dela?
  • I’m fine, thanks! = harasho!
  • Good = harasho
  • Thank you! = spasiba!
  • Good bye! = paka

Learn a few Russian customs and traditions too

Again this would come handy while dating the women there. You would not be caught on the wrong foot if you know their customs and traditions. It is also fun to learn about new customs and practice them.russian-dolls

Dating women in Russia

Russian women dating

Now comes the most exciting part of the tour – dating Russian women. Where would you get Russian girls for dating ? Online dating sites can help. Get registered in them and find ladies who are ready to date foreigners. Russia as a country is huge with many noted landmarks. You would love its climate, people, food and drinks. The women are sensuous, intelligent, liberated and ready to mingle. Your Russian trip would help you to find many beautiful Russian women who would give you company and make your life romantic.

200+ New Beautiful Russian Women Added Every Wednesday – More NEW Foreign Women >>

Colombian marriage tours to Medellin

Travel and dating women in Colombia

Single Colombian Women - Meet Beautiful Latina GirlsA Colombian marriage tour is a wonderful way to bring some spice and adventure in your monotonous life. You can explore a new country and at the same time, meet some gorgeous ladies in a faraway land who can fill your life with the much needed spark and excitement. If you are lucky enough, then you might find the love of your life in a romance tour. The Latin romance tour to Medellin in Columbia arranged by Latin Women Online promises to change your life. It is a 6 nights and 7 days Colombian dating tour to Medellin designed for you to meet and date the most beautiful Medellin women.

Upcoming Tours to Medellin in 2021 

the second-largest city in Colombia

Medellin, the second-largest city in Colombia

The romance tour includes two happening social parties where 50 to 100 most stunning ladies of Medellin are invited. The Medellin women are considered to be the most gorgeous women in Latin America. Therefore, you will have a great time meeting and interacting with them. There will be a maximum of 15 men in the party and therefore, your chances of interacting with the stunning ladies of Medellin are high. This is the highlight of the first night of your tour.

In the second night of your romance tour, you will be able to meet some more stunning women of Medellin who will charm you effortlessly by their beauty and wit. The ladies who will be invited to the parties are interviewed by the tour agency beforehand and so you can be sure that they are genuine.

Medellin women for marriage – Latin Marriage Tours

Colombian women for marriage

Young girl from Medellin seeks a man for marriage

Apart from the fabulous social events, you would also be personally introduced to plenty of Medellin women during your entire tour. You can date two to three women in a day. Whenever a Medellin woman catches your fancy, you can let the staff know about it, who will happily arrange your date. The staff is experienced and well behaved. They will try their best to make your Latin romance tour a beautiful one.

These are the things that are included in your Latin Romance Tour to Medellin in Columbia:

  • You would be provided accommodation in a wonderful hotel at Medellin, Columbia.
  • You would get an airport pickup.
  • Daily breakfast will be provided.
  • One hotel area tour and one city orientation tour are included in the package.
  • You would get two large, specific invitation, fully catered Socials.
    At both the Socials, complimentary interpreters will accompany you.
  • You would also get 24 hour guidance and hospitality from the Romance tours staff.

If you want some excitement and adventure in your life, then date Medellin women during a marriage tour. You might find your life partner and your life will be filled with harmony.

Meet hundreds of beautiful Colombian women during our 7 day Latin women tours
Romance Tours to ColombiaColombian Women Tours – Latin Women Tours – Latin Mail Order Brides

Romance Tours Colombia – 2021

January 21February 314 days/13 nights*Price includes 1 extra hotel night and transportation between cities.$4495
January 28February 1014 days/13 nights*Price includes 2 extra hotel nights and transportation between cities.$4495
January 21February 1021 days/20 nights*Price includes 2 extra hotel nights and transportation between cities.$6595
August 5August 1814 days/13 nights*Price includes 1 extra hotel night and transportation between cities.$4495

Meet hundreds of Colombian women at our romance tours

Ukraine marriage tours to Kharkov

Kharkov women tours – Ukraine Dating tours

Kharkov is the cultural and scientific hub of Ukraine. The second largest city of Ukraine lies amidst the hills and dales. The city is embellished with beautiful parks, gardens, museums, art galleries and cultural centers. However, the thing that makes Kharkov an exciting place are the beautiful, dynamic and intelligent Ukrainian women who can charm you effortlessly.

If you are single, bogged down by your mundane life and seek some excitement, then you must take the Kharkov Singles Tours arranged by A Foreign Affair. This dating tour can literally change your life as you can meet beautiful Ukrainian women in Kharkov during your tour.


Click here to view recent Kharkov tour photos

Ukrainian Beauties for Marriage – Ukraine brides

Kharkov single girls

Meet Olga in Kharkov

If you are looking for a woman who has beauty with brains, then your search will definitely end in Charkov. Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful, the Ukrainian women residing in Kharkov are intelligent and educated. Most of these women graduate from the higher education institutions of Kharkov. The young, intelligent and beautiful Ukrainian women take smart decisions of their lives and careers. Keeping this in mind, the Kharkov Singles Tours have been designed.

If the Ukrainian women residing in Kharkov find a reliable and caring partner in you, then they would love to date you. You can find love and romance in Kharkov as the women residing there are serious about love, marriage and their future. They are looking for that special person in their lives with whom they can begin a brand new life filled with bliss and harmony.

Meet Kharkov girls - Beauties of the Ukraine


Ekaterina 26 Kharkov


Highlights of the romance tour :

The Kharkov Singles Tours is designed in the perfect possible way so that you can come across the love of your life. You would be introduced to plenty of sincere, educated and beautiful Ukrainian women on the tour. Here are the highlights of the tour:

  • Hotel accommodation in Kharkov would be provided to you.
  • Daily breakfast and other necessary amenities will also be provided during your stay.
  • All the transport will be provided to you as you land in the airport. You don’t have to worry about it.
  • A 3 hour guided tour of the city and a hotel area tour are included in the package.
  • Socials are definitely the main highlights of your tour. You would be able to meet plenty of stunning Ukrainian women in the Socials. A personal interpreter will accompany you so that you don’t face any language problem. Refreshments, champagnes and great company will make you have a great time in the Socials.

The beautiful city of Kharkov has great bride potential and is therefore a perfect place to find love. Take the Kharkov Singles Tour and have a wonderful time of your life.


Charkov, Ukraine

A few variations of the way to spell the name of our city: Kharkov, Kharkiv, Charkov.

Why a Romance Tour is the Best Option to Meet Foreign Women ?

Foreign Brides and International Dating

If you want to meet the love of your love in a beautiful foreign country, then you must take a romance tour. Companies like AFA-tours.com arrange wonderful romance tours for single men who are seeking for a meaningful relationship or a foreign bride. There are plenty of facilities that are provided in a romance tour that will ensure that you have a great time meeting and interacting with plenty of foreign ladies. The accommodation and hospitality that is provided in a romance tour is indeed praiseworthy.

multicultural dating

International, intercultural, interracial online dating

Some people want to do it all by themselves

There are some single men who feel that taking a romance tour will cost them plenty of money. They rather want to plan a tour all by themselves. Generally, they start interacting with foreign ladies through an internet dating site. When a girl catches their fancy, they are all set to fly to the foreign land to meet their lady love.

The single men feel that this is the best option to meet their foreign bride. It would not cost him extra money and he can also meet the girl he has been chatting for the past few months. He envisions it to be a hassle free experience.

Is it a safe and better option?

Romantic Ukrainian women. Meet one of the beautiful Ukraine woman now.It may seem to you that doing it yourself would cost you less. However, the end result is usually not so pleasant. For example, if you are interested in a Russian woman, you would start with surfing plenty of profiles of Russian ladies. As and when someone will catch your fancy, you would take the initiative to talk to her. If she is also interested in you, then you would feel that you are on cloud nine. You can talk to the lady of your dreams through email and phone for few months. When you are finally convinced that she is the one you want to marry, you would plan to travel to Russia to meet her.

Now imagine that you are taking a seven day trip to meet your dream girl in person. It would definitely cost you a lot of money. Finally, when you meet her at the airport, what if you find that she is not like the person with whom you talked all this while? She might behave awkwardly and you would find that there is no chemistry between the two of you. You would immediately repent spending so much on the trip.

A romance tour is a great way to meet foreign women

Introductions to Latin Women seeking men for marriage. Latin Singles vacations tours to meet beautiful single Latin women.The best advantage of taking a romance tour is that you can meet several ladies in the tour. So, if it doesn’t click with one lady, you don’t need to worry. There are other beautiful ladies waiting for your attention. Therefore, when you are taking a romance tour, you can be sure that your money and time won’t be wasted.

You must understand that chatting or talking to a person is completely different from meeting someone in person. So, you should not take the risk of flying to an unknown country all by yourself to meet your dream girl. Take the romance tour and be relaxed that your trip won’t be a waste of time and money.


Soviet brides safaris : the Socials

Meet Russian women on a dating tour

Meet Single & Beautiful Ukraine Woman ...The best thing about the romance tours is the extravagant large Socials organized by the company who is arranging your tour. The Socials are nothing short of a paradise where you can find plenty of gorgeous women waiting patiently for your attention. You are taking the romance tour mainly to find the love of your life. Exploring the new city and gorging on tasty food is definitely secondary for you. The Socials provide you the perfect opportunity to come across the love of your life.

A private gathering

Companies like Romance Tours can arrange as many as three large socials for you so that you can meet the lady of your dreams. The Socials are attended by the most intelligent, beautiful and eligible women of the city. The main purpose of the Socials is to increase your chances of finding the lady of your dreams.

The company would send personal invitations for the Socials to the most eligible women from the area. No one can attend the Socials without a personal invitation. So, there won’t be any uninvited or annoying guests in the Socials that are arranged specifically for you. The Social is a totally private social gathering.

Watch these exciting videos from our Romance tours to Ukraine

Watch these exciting videos from our Romance tours to Ukraine

Pleasant and comfortable ambiance

You would be sent a list of the beautiful women attending the Social one day before the Social. That will help you to know how many women are invited to meet you in the Social. The Socials are luxurious and expensive gatherings. They are generally held in large entertainment complexes or huge banquet rooms.

The comfort and luxury that is available in the Socials tantalize every eligible woman to attend it. The ambiance of the Socials is relaxing and comfortable which would allow you to interact with the women at ease. The Socials are made extravagant with light, food, music and several refreshments.

Connect with Russian girls at Socials

In each Social, you would be exposed to a different set of women. This is done to maximize your chance of meeting the woman of your dreams. The women who attend the Socials are also looking for the man of their dreams. They are outspoken, extrovert and not at all shy. Therefore, you can approach these women without any stress as they are totally interested in meeting you.

The Socials will be attended by hundreds of women from the area.

The Socials will be attended by hundreds of women from the area.

You should be confident in the Socials and interact with many women. When someone catches your fancy, you can take her phone number or tell the company about the woman. The company would be glad to arrange a wonderful date with the lady who impressed you in the Social.

Membership Includes

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Kiev Travel Tips for single Western men

Meet the Hottest Girls in Kiev

Kiev Dating - Ukrainian women for marriageKiev or Kyiv is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. It is a beautiful place which attracts plenty of travel enthusiasts. Both the city and the women of Kiev residing in the city are breathtakingly beautiful. This particular reason makes it a perfect travel destination for single Western men. The Ukrainian women are friendly and it won’t be too difficult to impress her. However, there are certain things that you must keep in your mind when you are travelling to Kiev. Here are some helpful Kiev travel tips for single western men:

Kiev Romance Tours

1. Choose apartments instead of hotels

Kiev is quite an expensive city. There is no flexibility in price and the hotels in Kiev would cost you a lot of money. However, it is still possible to stay in Kiev for a few days on a limited budget. It is found that the apartments in Kiev are much cheaper than the hotels in Kiev. The apartments would also provide you a good amount of privacy when you are dating Ukrainian women. So, instead of staying in a hotel, you should stay in an apartment.

Link : Apartments in Kiev

2. Opt for couch surfing

Kiev Women Dating - Date Women from Kiev - Ukraine Girls in Kiev - Kiev girls for dating .-Date Kiev ladies and Kiev women.If you are young and adventurous, then you can opt for couch surfing. It is a great way to cut down your accommodation cost. It would not only help you to save money, but will also provide you the opportunity to know about the local culture of Kiev. Couch surfing implies that you would stay with a local person and get plenty of opportunities to interact with him. Some people find it risky to stay with a stranger, but generally the people who offer shelter to tourists are open minded and friendly people. They are former travelers who would definitely try to make you feel comfortable.

3. Go to nightclubs to meet the most gorgeous women

The nightlife of Kiev is hot and happening. The nightclubs of Kiev are not too expensive. You can meet some of the most gorgeous Ukrainian women in the nightclubs such as The Arena Club, Kiev, D’Lux Kiev and Café Antresol.

4. Be careful with your money

Unlike the American girls, the Ukrainian girls won’t be ready to contribute financially. The Ukrainian girls invest all their money in looking beautiful and pretty. So, if you are taking her to an expensive place, then you must be ready to spend a lot of money on her as you can’t expect her to spend any money.

5. The metro system is without a doubt the fastest way to get aroundMetro in Kiev

You do not have to worry too much about getting around in Kiev. The metro system is the favorite mode of transport in Kiev. It is quite cheap and easy to travel by the metro system.

If you follow these 5 travel tips, then you will surely have a great and enjoyable time in Kiev.

Travelling to Odessa and marrying an Ukrainian model ?

Meet Single Ukraine women in Odessa

Odessa is one of the largest cities of Ukraine. It is known mainly because of the beautiful seaport that is located on the sea shore of the mighty Black Sea. The old town of Odessa has a unique charm through which it manages to bewitch plenty of tourists. Long back, the city of Odessa was the trade center of the Russian empire. It was also an artistic centre.

Odessa map

However, currently, Odessa is going through trying times. The trying times are because of the pro Russian forces which are creating constant tension in the Black Sea port, after the annexation of Crimea. Then there are weekly standoffs noticed which take place between demonstrators. Some want to form closer ties with Russia, whereas some others want to be a part of Ukraine.

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Ever since the Soviet Union has collapsed in 1992, economic hardships have prevailed in the city of Odessa. Not only economic but also political chaos has badly engulfed the city of Odessa. However, the city of Odessa is quite clean and safe for tourists. The beautiful Opera house, the museums, the parks and the beaches in Odessa are capable of charming the tourists.

Ukrainian girl for datingUkraine Women & Girls, Date Single Ukrainian Woman

However, only one industry is still thriving amidst all the economic chaos prevailing in Odessa. The industry is the internet romance trade. It is found that the economy of the several cities of Ukraine is improved by the amazing and extravagant online bride business. Among all the cities of Ukraine, Odessa is the largest hub for online bride business. A visitor of Odessa would definitely stumble upon a beautiful international date when he is in Odessa. Plenty of western men travel to Odessa to meet the person they have been talking for a long time over the internet.

Romance tours to Ukraine, Odessa & Kiev – 2021

July 15July 2410 days/9 nights$3795
July 8July 2417 days/16 nights$5995
September 9September 1810 days/9 nights$3795
September 16September 2510 days/9 nights$3795
September 9September 2517 days/16 nights$599
Lyudmila - Single Ladyl from Odessa


Western men can easily meet and interact with plenty of Ukrainian women residing in Odessa through the internet dating facility. After few months of chatting, when the man feels that he would love to meet a particular woman in person, he takes a flight and travel to Odessa. Conversations between them are often facilitated by a translator. The Ukrainian women residing in the city of Odessa spend countless hours in front of the computer, chatting with Western men.

Opera house in Odessa


The Ukrainian women yearn for a partner who can provide them financial stability and can take them away from the city of Odessa. The western men on the other hand, longs for a beautiful and loving partner. The Ukrainian women invest a lot of money in looking beautiful and glamorous. Most of the Ukrainian women are breathtakingly beautiful models. It is quite easy for the Ukrainian models to lure a rich, Western man. Apart from looking beautiful, their friendly attitude also makes them attractive to Western men.

It is wonderful news for Odessa that amidst the several economic hardships, one industry is growing popular day by day. The “bride” trade is flourishing with every passing day and there are no signs of the industry to dry up soon. Every year, more and more Western men are interested in travelling to Odessa to marry a beautiful Ukrainian model.