A Foreign Affair – Loveme.com Review

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A Foreign Affair – Loveme.com Review

December 16, 2023 Mail order brides sites 5
LoveMe Review: Scam or real dates?

A Foreign Affair | Loveme.com

Reviewed by: VivaL
Reviewed on: 16-12-2023
Website: www.loveme.com

One of the oldest and most respected international dating agencies, A Foreign Affair (AFA), represents numerous beautiful women from the world’s most exotic countries in Asia, Russia, and Latin America. It takes you on a global girl-watching and romantic expedition from the comfort of your home. To be this virtual globetrotter for romance, you must go to their web link, sit back, and navigate it.

The grand older man of romance in the international dating agency circle, A Foreign Affair (AFA), cooperated with the National Geographic Channel to produce a reality television series about the highly unpredictable and fantastic world of romance tours. This show, which first aired in 2013, followed groups of American men on romance tours to Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, and the Philippines.

A Foreign Affair (LoveMe.com)

International dating site offering mail-order bride tours to Slavic countries, Asia, and Latin America.

Marriage Agency Review: A Foreign Affair


Registration at A Foreign Affair (AFA) is free of charge, and you get to see all the photographs, which are as good as any other agency. AFA may have more attractive women than anywhere else, given its comprehensive coverage and established name, covering every ethnic background imaginable.

AFA makes looking for your sweetheart even more accessible and fulfilling with an outstanding search engine. It sorts through the vast number of profiles and brings out the dating profiles with the specific traits and common interests you are interested in without much of a huff.

Let us examine an example. In the recent past, around 768 women registered on AFA, while filling in the category of interests listed as ‘bowling’—this gives you an idea of how registering on A Foreign Affair gives you a greater chance of finding the woman you will call your own. Be it women who are artists, dancers, bowling partners, squash partners, or even women with specific attributes such as an hourglass figure or someone who loves to work out, you are sure to meet your match. If you can imagine a sport, hobby, or physical description for a lady, you can find her on A Foreign Affair—it is the virtual home of your dream girl, whoever she is.

AFA is a full-service international dating agency. It is one of the benchmarks in this industry. AFA represents many beautiful women and offers extensive goods and services, including translations, visa services, apartment rentals, and pocket translators. Finding your dream girl and date is a severe and tangible goal for them. This is unlike many other agencies that engage with you superficially.

Simply knowing that A Foreign Affair is a leading romance tour industry is not enough because AFA offers more romance tours to more places than anyone else. With outstanding ratings for their romance tours flying off the charts, you could read over four hundred positive reviews at A Foreign Affair! And the review list grows every day.

AFA’s website, LoveMe.com, is, however, messy. This is sure because AFA has been online since the internet began, and they have never done a complete site redesign, which unfortunately shows. The website is busy, hard to navigate, and complex. The front page has approximately two hundred buttons and links, which are redundant. The website is a textbook example of atrocious web design.

However, it would help if you remembered that A Foreign Affair’s only reason for getting away with such a mess of a website is that they have such an outstanding reputation in the industry. The situation is similar at Elena’s Models, another established industry leader, just not to the degree of A Foreign Affair.


Ukraine mail-order bride toursThe cost plan at A Foreign Affair is complicated and very much like the website. It could use a total redo.

There appear to be three levels. It is worth noting that the gold and silver levels are not memberships. They are just price levels, meaning that you pay $12.00 per address if you order 1 to 2 addresses on the same order, but it drops to $9.00 per address if you order three or more addresses at one time. Platinum members are allowed to request one hundred virtual email addresses each month. The virtual email address works just like any other email address. Once AFA sends it to you, it sends a message from your email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). That email is initially forwarded to the AFA server; it remains there while A Foreign Affair delivers your background information (which is now required by federal law).

So, you can order one or two addresses each for $12.00 each or three or more at once for $9.00 each, or you can get up to one hundred addresses a month if you become a Platinum member. There is a one-time fee of $95.00 to become a Platinum member, and then it’s $29.00 a month, but if you are going all out, this is a good deal—only 29 cents per address after the first month.

If the girls do not have email, you only get postal addresses. If you use A Foreign Affair’s Express Mail service, you pay an additional $9.99 or $7.99 if you are a Platinum Member.

Remember, they are translating the letters too. Unless you are fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, or whatever language your lady speaks, this is a good deal, as many agencies charge that much or more just for translations.

Finally, it would help if you remembered that, unlike some other agencies, you are free to communicate however you want after the initial contact, which eventually can save you money.

Tip: If you decide to sign up for a romance tour, you automatically get a Platinum Membership for FREE!


Ukraine singles tours offer a unique opportunity for single men to meet Ukrainian girlsOnce the woman reads your background information and clicks a link agreeing that she received it, she will accept your actual message and be able to reply directly to your email if interested. When sending your email message to the woman’s virtual email address, you can attach photos anytime you send a regular email. You would only get charged extra if you sent your letter through the Express Mail service instead (a completely different writing method). This service is primarily used when the woman has no virtual email address or needs her letter translated.


A Foreign Affair is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has earned the most rigid grade from the Better Business Bureau. AFA is not a scam, and neither is its web counterpart, LoveMe.com. They are an authentic industry leader that pays a lot of attention to customer service. A Foreign Affair is also amazingly decent about pulling down the profiles of women who have gotten engaged or decided to no longer use the service, so you should rarely, if ever, end up contacting a woman who is not interested.

Overall Grade for A Foreign Affair

Hotness Factor: 8/10

All the dating profiles of the women are gorgeous! And AFA covered a vast chunk of the world. One significant trend in AFA is that girls have one or two professional photos and a couple of candid photos, so you can better understand their appearance.

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Number of Profiles: 9/10

40,000 hot single women from Europe, Asia, and the Americas have signed up on AFA!

Quality of Profiles: 6/10

While the photographs give you a fair enough idea and are correct in their number, the profile information is limited.

Service: 9/10

A Foreign Affair has a talented group of full-time staff who are helpful and detailed when you send them a query. They offer a wide variety of services, and their testimonials are outstanding.

Security: 8/10

They are an American company, many of the profiles are confirmed in person, and they do not use a third-party credit card processor. So that’s a bit disappointing in terms of security.

Cost: 6/10

While it is cost-effective to play your cards well, your costs can shoot through the roof if you are in a rush! So be very calculative and work out all the odds and events before putting down your budget for AFA.

Overall Grade: 8/10

Their website is outdated, but the quality, diversity, and sheer number of photo profiles are great. If you are genuinely interested in contacting women worldwide, A Foreign Affair is the best international dating site. If the dating profiles were a little more detailed and all the girls had email, they would get a 9/10.

Wondering how to find Asian ladies, Ukrainian brides, or women from Latin America? It’s effortless with international dating websites—thousands of brides want to meet a foreign guy. Finding the best mail-order bride sites is also straightforward—check this list, visit the website you like most, and start chatting with foreign women today!

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Romance Tour: Price winner testimonial

AFA TOURS Discounts and Bonuses

Foreign bride tours to UkraineBooking a ROMANCE tour with an open reservation is another way to save money. This gives you a free Platinum Membership for one month and $50 in free talk time. Only $475 is due at the time of booking for the romance tour, with the balance due upon arrival. If you know you want to take a romance tour but aren’t sure which one you can afford, this is a great option.

However, “prepay in full by personal check or money order 90 days in advance” to receive the lowest price possible for a dating tour of your choice. If so, you’ll save $300 on romance tours to Ukraine, $100 on romance tours to Latin America or Asia, and enjoy all the other advantages of making an open reservation.

Platinum membership is the level of service that provides the best value! Platinum members enjoy the following discounts and benefits:

  • Express Mail offers discounts of $2.50 per letter! Non-Platinum members pay $9.99 per letter; Platinum members only pay $7.49 per letter with the translation included!
  • Three-Way Phone Translation Discounts: $2.00 per minute! Non-Platinum members pay $5.99 per minute; Platinum members only pay $3.99 per minute!
  • Access to all women’s videos is free! All Platinum members have unlimited access to all profile videos. Non-Platinum members must pay to view each video.
  • Each $29.95 monthly renewal fee will be credited toward a full international romance tour of your choice! Each month, your full membership fee will be credited to your tour credit balance, which will continue to build if you are a Platinum Member. Use your tour credits for any matchmaking tour you like; It’s like enjoying your Platinum Membership and all the benefits that come with it for free!

Save money on your LoveMe membership with the occasional coupon code or other exclusive offers! These discount codes are regularly distributed on the LoveMe homepage and other social media channels. It’s best to keep checking back, as the discounts and exclusive offers are subject to change. With any luck, you’ll get a fantastic deal on your subscription.


Final Analysis

A Foreign Affair is a splendidly outstanding agency that offers many more services than any other international dating agency. If you are not precisely sure what part of the world you are interested in, A Foreign Affair is your best and safest bet because it covers the world. They also offer excellent service and have powerful scam protection; they’ve earned eight out of ten!

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FAQ About LoveMe.com

How reliable is LoveMe.com?

LoveMe has been connecting men worldwide with beautiful women from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia for quite some time.

Does a foreign affair (loveme.com) pay foreign women?

The women who use LoveMe do not receive any compensation. However, female users pay nothing at all to access the dating site.

Does airfare come included in the cost of the Loveme.com Singles Tour?

Only lodging and organized activities are included in the Singles Tour price; airfare is not.

Can I trust AFA loveme.com?

LoveMe is a legitimate business that facilitates international romances for its members.

Is there any safety net when using loveme.com?

The rules of LoveMe can be found in their terms and conditions. They also provide a phone number to speak with a LoveMe.com representative.

Where can I find LoveMe’s main office?

While the company’s headquarters are in the United States, LoveMe is on every continent.

Why does LoveMe refer to IMBRA?

Until specific requirements are met, the federal government prohibits LoveMe.com from disclosing contact information.

What is the procedure for adding pictures to loveme.com?

After signing in, click the “My Preferences” menu item. Select the image you wish to upload by clicking “Photo album,” then “Choose File.” When you’re ready, select the file and hit the “Upload” button.

Can anyone join LoveMe?

Regardless of where they call home, anyone can use LoveMe.com to find a compatible partner. People of the same gender interested in dating one another are welcome to join.

Does LoveMe give out members’ contact details?

The only way to get someone’s contact details is to meet them physically. US law known as IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) also requires this.

Is there no cost to using loveme.com?

LoveMe is a free service, but it’s only available to women. If men want access to the premium features, they must sign up for a paid membership.

When will my LoveMe membership start working?

Your order for a Platinum Membership will be fulfilled once we receive it. Your account will be purged and upgraded within a few hours.

How do I delete my LoveMe profile?

Send an email requesting the cancellation of your Platinum membership to afa@wwdl.net.

Do you offer a free trial of LoveMe?

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5 Responses

  1. LenaV says:

    I had no idea what to expect before embarking on the Philippines tour, but I had a fantastic time and thoroughly liked the experience. During the romance tour, their staff was excellent. They were quite helpful and polite, and they assisted me in relaxing and enjoying the experience. For me, the socials were enjoyable, and the wine bar night and pool party were both excellent additions that allowed me to relax and spend time with a girl while also getting to know some of the other males on the tour. It was fantastic to learn that a handful of them got engaged. That, I’m sure, contributed to the tour’s success and demonstrates that what they’re doing is effective.

  2. JimmyB says:

    In spite of the fact that I had no idea what to anticipate before embarking on the Philippine romance tour, I ended up having a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The members of their staff did an excellent job throughout the tour. My ability to relax and take pleasure in the experience was greatly enhanced by their warm and helpful demeanor. My personal experience was that I found the socials to be enjoyable. Additionally, the wine bar night and pool party were both wonderful additions that provided me with the opportunity to unwind and spend time with a Filipina girl while also getting to know some of the other guys who were on the tour. According to what I heard, a few of them got engaged, which was very exciting to hear. That, I think, contributed to the fact that it was a fantastic dating tour and demonstrates that what they are doing is effective.

  3. Peter says:

    It took me about four years of mail-order bride dating before I found my soulmate. I persisted in my search on this site despite a couple of bad experiences. There had to be someone out there who could help me, and I was hell-bent on finding them. My Filipina lady popped up out of nowhere when she initiated contact, and we haven’t been able to stop chatting ever since. Her initiative and command of the English language caught me by unexpected. Several months later, I consented to go to the Philippines to see her. Our time in Cebu, her home province, was truly priceless. I was only able to stay for a week, so we missed out on seeing each other for nearly a year. However, that never stopped us from becoming closer and staying in touch through the internet. Two years later, I returned to pop the question, and we have been a happy married couple ever since. My eternal soul mate was introduced to me through A Foreign Affair, and I am eternally grateful to them. By the way, we’re planning to return to the Philippines to see her parents before the year ends now that tourists are once again welcome. thx peter

  4. Can You Trust LoveMe.com? If Not, Is It a Misspent Investment?

    Is it a good idea to accept their matchmaking services? Read some LoveMe.com reviews to help you decide. On Reviews.io, the AFA site is rated as 4 stars overall. That being said, a lot of people think LoveMe.com is real. No matter how many times I spoke with an AFA representative, they were always suggesting ways I could save time, cash, or hassle. When it comes to cutting costs, I really value that. In the near run, your bottom line will not benefit from offering that advice to potential customers. Lex, though, thinks it’s admirable that AFA is genuinely there to assist their clients. Finding a compatible partner can be challenging, but LoveMe.com can help you reach out to more people. In your search for love, it doesn’t care where you are. In addition, the site has been around longer than its users, and it has remained successful over the years because it provides singles with something of value. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if LoveMe.com is real. Find out more about the site and its agency by reading more reviews. Think about what’s best for you and make an informed choice.

  5. For more than 25 years, the dating agency A Foreign Affair (AFA) has been connecting Western men with stunning foreign women for a variety of purposes, including friendship, dating, marriage, and more. Another name for the company is loveme.com. I think AFA agency is the best website ever. I can spend at least a few hours per day on the dating site (without becoming bored or exhausted). The video blogs and videos on YouTube are two of my favorite things to do on the internet. There is nothing that AFA does that isn’t interesting, informative, and rational. When compared to AFA, no other dating service can hold a candle to it. There is no doubt that joining AFA tours is the best option for any Western man looking to meet and date beautiful women. I still have my preferences when it comes to the AFA website, despite the fact that I have been a regular visitor for five years and have gone on one Latin Club individual tour in Medellin, Colombia.

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