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With great ethnic diversity within the Chinese community and the largest population in the World, China may be the best place to find your romantic life partner.

Chinese women are renowned for their classical beauty, slim, with sexy eyes, flawless porcelain skin, straight shiny black hair, lovely delicate features, hands and feet and the elegant poise. In China, any woman over 110 lbs. is considered fat by local standards. So you are bound to end up with someone who looks like a supermodel. Infact Western high fashion covets Chinese beauty. Traditionally, a beautiful Chinese woman will have and covet a Pale complexion (Contrary to westerners’ affection for tanned skin, preference for fair skin has been ingrained in China’s culture throughout its history), round and bright eyes, pointed chin, a high nose bridge and a very slender figure. Chinese women have an obsession with the slim figure.

Chinese women for dating

China’s “One Child-One Family” policy has led to many families opting to have only boys with the birthrate for boys far exceeding that of girls. But women above 26 are considered undesirable for marriage and thus often end up on Western mail order bride or dating sites.

The status of women in China is still very low and women are expected to follow the three obediences :

  1. Obeying her father before marriage.
  2. Obeying her husband when married.
  3. Obeying her sons in widowhood.

Chinese girls today want to break out of this and are hence looking towards the Western world to find partners. The images of relationships they see in the Western media attracts them and so does the feedback they have received from other mail order brides who have travelled outside their country. Besides this many Chinese boys are brought up to be rather self centered and this turns off Chinese girls.

Dating Chinese girls

Chinese Dating with beautiful chinese girls from China

Chinese Dating – beautiful Chinese girls

The well educated, successful Chinese ladies thus have a difficult time with the men who attempt to dominate and control their lives. In the modern economy while a Chinese woman can be in power positions in the industry and other companies, at the domestic front she would have to toe a thin line where she cannot make more than her husband or boyfriend. Despite the lack of women in the country, Chinese men may choose to remain single over dating someone who makes more than him. Chinese women today are looking for love, balanced relationships and a chance to fulfill their potential which may be more feasible with a husband from the West.

The Chinese mail order bride !

China’s economy is booming right now. It is a market-oriented economy that has an extremely fast growing private sector and is a huge player in the global economy. The Chinese Mail Order Bride hence does not come from a shaky economy or a socially isolated situation, these very hot women are the country’s most beautiful and intelligent young women with high paying jobs in big cities. So your car and bank account will rarely if even impress a Chinese woman from say Shanghai, your romantic nature on the other hand will win you brownie points! Respect is essential. So is the understanding that she has huge potential. She is aware that women have a better status in Western countries and that is what leads her to sign up on dating sites.


They do not wish to marry a “Little Emperor” as Chinese boys are spoilt to become and grow into men who insist on always getting his way and trying to run every aspect of the Chinese woman’s life but a balanced, giving, generous and loving Western man- which could be you!

Dating a Chinese lady

Oksana China City: Zhanjiang Age: 26

City: Zhanjiang
Age: 26

When you as a foreign man begin dating your Chinese girlfriend and both of you have progressed beyond initial, exploratory stages, you would have joined the family. You become part of an extended unit and your girlfriend, the elegant and beautiful Chinese lady will have totally committed to you and to the relationship for it to succeed. As mentioned earlier, Chinese women are born beautiful and slim figured and show a great amount of strength and loyalty. When dating, you will see her portraying herself as an irresistible mix of coy, sexy, charismatic and feminine all at once. Not at all afraid of hard work, Chinese girlfriends are known for high work ethos; they are overachievers but not self centered- and show the same sort of commitment for their family- this ranges from making sure everyone is well presented to working side by side for the success of each member and the entire family as a whole. And she is an entire hot package of physical fitness, sexual allure, emotional beauty and spiritual maturity and will choose everything in her power to stand by and defend her man.

 Chinese brides

Just remember to give her space to explore her own potentials and you will have won over the heart of the tigress as they are called! And your life is made. So do think of marrying a beautiful and sexy Chinese bride.

Mail order brides from China

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