Why western men are so popular with foreign women?

Foreign brides seek men for marriage

Russian Brides & Girls - Online Russian Dating ServicesIf you consider yourself just another regular guy with a little perspective of dating gorgeous women, you need to get a reality check. Yes, no matter how average you think of yourself, to most foreign women, you are the dream man whom they have been waiting for years. Be it a Russian woman, Brazilian girl, Thai lady, or Filipina; gorgeous women worldwide find American men drool-worthy. Ever since dating has gone global thanks to dating websites, American men are experiencing high demand in the worldwide dating scenario.

Why American men enjoy so much attention from foreign women?

While most people think that it is the strong economic position of American men that makes them so desirable to foreign beauties, the reality is far more complicated. Many reasons work behind that make beautiful, sexy, established, and confident women from foreign lands come down to America and marry and settle down with American males. Let us explore these reasons so that you also feel sure to try your luck overseas.


The difference in socio-economic factors between America and the rest of the world

European and Asian women are brought up under different circumstances than American women. They come from more orthodox backgrounds. They usually have to face a lot of gender discrimination. Women who are educated and want to establish themselves find it hard to get support from within the family. Emancipated women usually feel frustrated with their male counterparts, who look down upon them as sex objects. Thus American men with their culture of gender equality score high with foreign women.

East European girl for marriage

The difference in beauty parameters also make American men popular

Most American women are overweight. They look masculine and behave like one too. On the other hand, Chinese or Filipina women look different with their petite figures, dark eyes, and tanned skin. They may not consider themselves beautiful against the parameters of their country, but to American men, they are nothing short of stunning.

Most American women are overweight

Thus foreign women love to date and settle down with American men who appreciate their beauty.

American men scores high on the romantic front

Most American men bestow their lady love with gifts and undivided attention. They take them to dinners, shower them with gifts, and treat them nicely. In most foreign lands, women do not get such treatment from their men and thus feel valued. When choosing life partners, they prefer American men as they get love and respect from them.

Economics too works in favor of American men

Yes, to people from the rest of the world, America is a country of opportunities.  Educated and ambitious women see America as the country where they can realize their potential, get jobs, and lead a comfortable life. Countries like Latin America, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe do not provide them with such opportunities to establish themselves. Thus they prefer to relocate to America, and doing that with a loving partner is always a better option. So, American men are considered as potential partners who can offer them everything that they desire.


How women perceive men also helps American men get good partners

Women from Russia, Europe, Asia, or Latin America are more feminine, and they do not feel I'm 26 and married a mail order bride from Russiaashamed of that.  They do not only seek looks or money from their partners. To them, love, maturity, education, and long-term commitment matter more. Thus they are OK with the idea of dating older men or those who are not particularly handsome.

Several factors have made American men so popular overseas. If the blonde from your office doesn’t pay any attention to you, don’t fret as there are plenty of hot girls out there in foreign lands who are waiting for you only.

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