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Elena’s Models Dating Site Review

Reviewed by: VivaL
Reviewed on: 10-07-2015

Russian Dating Agency review: Elena's Models

Marriage Agency Review: Elena’s Models


Elena’s Models is the only company that makes all efforts possible to ensure that scam artists have no access and activities in their aegis and provides honest service. Showing a rare strength and conviction in weeding out scammers, they have kept other international dating and mail-order bride services on their toes. A rather refreshing and honest way of doing business, Elena ensures that you are the recipient of a letter from a lady tied to the dating service in your inbox at their site. It’s in reality written by the lady herself and not the agency, instead of many agencies with a rather generic “introduction letter” in the tone of the lady who visited your profile. These agencies then send the letter to anyone and everyone who more or less fits the broad criteria she has set out for herself, hoping that you would pay to respond. Some poor blokes may feel they must respond to all the letters they receive, and some agencies may send several in an attempt to make money off you, which would be rather expensive to you to no real avail. Their introduction letters policy is generally mentioned in rather fine print on their registration or landing page; however, it is still rather messed up the industry’s reputation, being misleading and can easily make you feel you were scammed!


User-friendly, Elena’s models offer some great payment plans. It is recently streamlined and the best in the market for what they offer. You can sign up for their Gold Plan for a tiny sum of $99.00 for three months or $197.50 for a year, working out to about $16.50 per month. When it comes to legitimate international dating, THIS is the best deal! But there is a restriction; you are limited to contacting 50 women- send as many emails as you’d like to these 50 women, but if you wish to interact with many other beautiful, intelligent women out there, you would have to upgrade to the Platinum Plan. Now, the Platinum Plan lets you contact an unlimited number of lovely ladies for a three-month duration with a payment of $259.00 working out to $86.00 per month. The BEST part of the Platinum Plan is that your profile automatically gets to the top rungs in the results when women search on the site, which puts you way ahead in the dating game!

And then, of course, there is another perk- you get advertised on their Russian language website, thereby widening your reach monumentally! So, if you are in this seriously, to find yourself a life partner, go for this- It is one of the best plans in the business, indeed.


Since 1999, Elena’s Models have been in business and makes a visible, honest, and genuine effort to be the most reliable company online. By its stringent policies, no tolerance for scammers, and black and white way of doing business, it has earned a reputation for a secure, safe space. One of their most favorable attributes is that they never see your credit card number or bank details. All transactions are through Clickbank – one of the safest ways to pay in today’s virtual banking and commerce world. There is a vast sense of honesty, clarity, and trustworthiness in the way Elena’s models handle profile- for instance, for a lady’s profile to even appear on Elena’s, and she must have been active in the previous ninety days- only then does it reflect. This reflects that the women on Elena’s are earnest and very enthusiastic about finding a husband and are at it. There is also a unique marker called “Confirmed Profiles” for women who have been met by a representative from Elena’s Models who review profiles for known scammers. So you can immediately rest assured once you see “Confirmed Profiles” marked on the girls. Getting scammed is a terrible feeling, and if you choose to go with Elena’s Models, you would have saved yourself all of that as they make every reasonable attempt and effort to keep everything above the board.

Final Analysis

We have had the pleasure of representing many good dating agencies. However, only the agency, Elena’s Models, can be graded an 8.5/10. They are transparent, fair, and mean a massive ton of absolutely gorgeous women. And when it comes to essential services, they are indeed the market leader in providing excellent customer service, suitable security protocols, clear, over-the-board dealings, and some fantastic plans.

Overall Grade for Elena’s Models

Hotness Factor: 8/10

Elena’s Models has some of the most gorgeous, sexy, hot, alluring, and smart women in the business.


Number of Profiles: 8/10

They have a huge choice of profiles, and if you can’t find the girl of your dreams at Elena’s, then maybe, something’s not right with you!

Quality of Profiles: 8,5/10

While Elena’s does need to find a way to present more extended, more detailed, and descriptive profiles, there being an absolute stickler for honesty and focused efforts to weed out scammers gets them an 8.5 in this category. On the plus side, they do offer many photos in their profiles, often as many as eight or nine.

Victoria, 26, Bobruisk, Belarus


Service: 9/10

With a great, full-time staff, they provide a complete range of services with simply amazing testimonials.

Security: 8/10

Elena’s Models use a third-party credit card processor and have an excellent reputation in terms of security!

Cost: 8/10

Elena’s recently changed pricing structure and plans put them in a clear A category.

Overall Grade: 8,5/10

Elena’s Models has a sterling reputation backed by a great selection of reviewed profiles and efforts to combat scammers. This is why Elena’s Models ranks so high. More in-depth profiles and maybe an even better worked-out payment plan will make them the best in the business worldwide.

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