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About Moldova

Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe with its capital in Chisinau is one of the most exotic countries in the area. Geographically located at the confluence of Slavic and other cultures, Moldova has adopted and maintained some of the traditions of its neighbors and of other influential sources in the European Union. Moldovan people associate with themselves the national characteristics of hospitality, diligence and peacefulness. As a mark of pride, they refer mostly to the qualities of its wine and food and the beauty of its women.



Women of Moldova

Considered incredibly beautiful, Moldovan women are culturally quite autonomous. For instance, when a young couple decides to marry, it is not unusual for the girl to go to her boyfriend’s house and stay there. The next day her parents are informed about this, and the families come together to agree on the marriage. It can take a couple of months before the civil and religious wedding ceremonies are held.

Moldovan Brides - Mail order brides from Moldova

Dating Moldovan women

Divorce rates in Moldova is pretty high. Many men abandon their wives without formally dissolving the marriage thereby leading to a high number of single mothers. So keep that in mind while going through profiles on Russian dating sites. You are sure to have a better shot at a great relationship with women who are young single mothers as generally Moldovan men are not up to taking responsibility for someone else’s child. In case the woman you wish to date is in her late 20’s and early 30’s and have no children and have never been married you may want to find out more.

Moldovan women for marriage

Unlike in the West, in Moldova, women tend to marry early. If you really like her, plan a visit soon. If she asks you for money, it may be a good idea to avoid corresponding with her thereafter. Remember that your Moldovan women will more than likely be corresponding with many other men.

Dating Moldovan women can be through dating portals or online dating agencies or by staying in Moldova for an extended period of time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dating Moldovan women.

1. Protect Yourself

When you choose to visit Moldova, take a step back and find out as much as you can about the woman you are about to meet. Go through an investigation service. Verify details to make sure that she is who she says she is. Remember you are going to be in a foreign country and a foreign culture all on your own. So homework is crucial. Book yourself into a place and have back ups. Always keep Xerox copies of important documents, the number of your embassy/consulate and soft copies of your documents saved on the cloud. If you are using a dating agency, remember they have local offices and the people working there may not be sharing the values as the agency office in your country. As all your emails and correspondence go through them, and they are paid to translate all of that exchange, they may choose to abuse that system. Please take care when you divulge personal information. Also keep an eye out for possible forging of exchanges. Dating sites may also manipulate information. As many users point out, in Moldova especially, they seem to follow a practice of not reflecting information of women about being single mothers. And this information is shared only when the man visits the woman. The woman is convinced to partner in this deception by suggesting that their chances are lesser if they do say they have children. Scammers go through the net similarly and many women become professionals through living a life getting gifts and money from men through these channels. Even photographs may be doctored!

2. When you visit Moldova

Meet the most beautiful Moldovan women. Moldovan brides.Moldavian men are not wallflowers and are very upfront about approaching women. Irrespective of where they are, if they see a woman they like, they approach them with no ceremonial fuss. You need to do this too. Offer them a drink or invite them for a sit down meal. The nightlife is very good with bars and clubs all over the city with pole dancing and other exotic nighttime entertainment offers. In Moldova people tend to work for a week and then take an entire next week off. Thus each night is a good night. And the concept of weekend specials does not really exist.

3. Remember the things the lady is looking for

Moldova Girls - Moldova Dating - Moldova Brides women tend to be romantic and are generally looking for their one true love. Their experiences with Moldovan men have been less than ideal. Some common problems they face are of domestic violence and alcoholism. Thus, for some women, they are specifically looking for a man from abroad as they have heard (and perhaps had first hand experiences) that foreign men are more caring. Also, be a good listener and groom yourself. Moldovan women take very good care of their bodies and groom themselves to look and feel great for their partner. Do return the favor. Moldova women are extremely active and they like all outdoor activities, so mountain climbing, biking or swimming are great for casual dates. Make sure to spoil her too. Pick up bits of her language to make her feel special.

That said,do not rush into any sort of commitment. Take your time and given the huge cultural difference, it may be a good idea that she visits you and your country on a tourist visa before you decide to settle down.

Dating a Moldovan girl can be a fun, rewarding experience. And these tips is sure to make it very easy for you.

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