Elena’s Models – Review

Elena's Models Review: Elena's Models Dating Website

Elena’s Models Dating Site Review Reviewed by: VivaL Reviewed on: 10-07-2015 Services Elena’s Models is the only company that makes all efforts possible to ensure that scam artists have no access and activities in their aegis and provides honest service. Showing a rare strength and conviction in weeding out scammers, they have kept other international dating and mail-order bride services on their toes. A rather refreshing and honest way of doing business, Elena ensures that you are the recipient of a letter from a lady tied to the dating service in your inbox at their site. It’s in reality written by the lady herself and not the agency, instead of many agencies with a rather generic “introduction letter” in the tone of the lady who visited your profile. These agencies then send the letter to anyone and everyone who more or less fits the broad criteria she has set out for herself, hoping that you would pay to respond. Some…

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