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African Beauties – Review


Reviewed by: Pieter S.
Reviewed on: 24-07-2015
Website: www.africabeauties.com

Africa Beauties is a fabulous matchmaking destination that you can find in the internet. The site is liked and recommended by many people. As the site gains popularity with every passing day, let’s unfold the reasons why Africa Beauties is liked by so many people.

African Women for Marriage - Date Beautiful African Brides

African Women for Marriage

The site provides great services to connect with stunning African women easily. The gorgeous African beauties are loving, caring and soulful. You would love to interact with them because the African women who are a part of Africa Beauties are very friendly. They are ready to connect with men from all around the world. They look for a long lasting relationship which can give way to marriage. The loving African women of this site know the importance of a family and therefore, they seek a partner with whom they can form a loving family.

African brides - Single African women for marriage

Date Beautiful African Brides

The women on this site have high values and morals. They believe in loyalty, romance and love. They are not looking for a temporary fling or time pass, but a long lasting relationship that will be built on the foundation of love and trust. The African women on this site are mostly from Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.

The site of African Beauties is very well designed and you would never have a problem in using it. There are many valuable tools on the site which can help you to communicate and connect with the mesmerizing African women. Some of the tools that you can find on this site are live chat, phone translation and virtual gifts. These tools are extremely effective in connecting the woman that catches your fancy. Apart from these common tools, there are also several other interesting tools that you can easily use to build a beautiful relationship with a gorgeous African woman.

All the African women that you will find on the site are screened thoroughly and verified before they are allowed to become members of the site. This is done to assure the authenticity of each and every member of the site. Therefore, you can be relaxed while communicating with any woman of Africa Beauties. You can let go of any doubt persisting in your mind because all the members of the site are verified. Without any further thoughts, you can search for the love of your life. If you are lucky enough, then you would surely come across your dream woman in the site of Africa Beauties.

Anyone can join the site of African Beauties for free and search for their dream woman. We can assure you that you would surely find an African woman in this site who can take your heart away. The best thing about this site is that it is extremely reliable and user friendly. You would never come across any negative situation or weird conversation in this site. All you would get is comfort and pleasure. Due to this particular characteristic of the site, users recommend it highly to their friends.

Most African dating sites are scams, but African Beauties is different. This African women dating site stays true to their reputation and once you start using it, you would find that you are really enjoying the experience. The African women who are member of this site would love to know you and interact with you. The gorgeous and stunning women are very friendly and so you won’t feel awkward communicating with them.

Dating African Women‎

Meet African Mail Order Brides

If you are interested in African women, than African Beauties is the perfect destination for you. Just hop on to www.AfricaBeauties.com and begin your search. You would surely find an African beauty that will totally mesmerize you. The tools on the site would help you to effectively communicate with her. Shed all your inhibitions, be bold and get ready to charm the stunning women on this international dating site.

AnastasiaDate – Review


Reviewed by: Pieter S.
Reviewed on: 22-07-2015
Website: www.anastasiadate.com

Anastasia Date - Reviews

Anastasia Date

AnastasiaDate is gaining popularity with every passing day. Let’s unfold the reasons of the popularity of this dating site through a detailed and comprehensive review. This dating site is a highly reputed international dating agency. The Anastasia dating site is very well designed and has plenty of options for you to choose from. You can find plenty of beautiful and stunning Eastern European women on this dating site who you would love to date. The photographs of these women have a professional touch and therefore, they look incredibly gorgeous in the pictures displayed in the dating site.

Why should you opt for this dating site?

When you would sign up in the Anastasia dating site, you would get some wonderful emails in your inbox. The dating site is extremely user friendly and you won’t find any problem in using this dating site. The search engine of the dating site is also great. All the profiles that you would find on this Russian dating site are verified. The authenticity and the design of this site make it such an amazing dating site.

The Anastasia dating site provides plenty of services and gives stiff competition to the top notch international dating agencies of the world. However, the thing that makes Anastasia dating site stand out from the other top notch dating sites is the luxury that is involved in all of their services. Anastasia doesn’t only offer phone translations to their clients, but it also assures their clients that the interpreter would try to represent the client in an extremely favorable way apart from providing high quality translation. These small things that Anastasia takes special care of, make it the best dating site.

The best thing about the Anastasia dating site is that every new profile is accompanied with the video calling facilities. As video is integrated on all the profiles of the Anastasia dating site, it is easy to chat with anyone who catches your fancy. Anastasia dating site boasts of its innovative and wonderful live chat program. Such services can give you a lot of important information about the woman whom you find interesting.

Romance Tours organized by Anastasia Dating Site

Anastasia Dating Site not only deals with online dating but it also specializes in organizing romance tours. No doubt, this dating site is gaining so much popularity with every passing day. Romance tours are an integral part of the business of Anastasia dating site. The romance tours organized by Anastasia dating site always get great reviews.

If you are bogged down by your dull and monotonous life, then you should definitely sign up for a romance tour organized by Anastasia dating site. The tour would surely change your life for better. It will bring some adventure in your life and might help you to find the true love of your life. The romance tours organized by Anastasia dating site have a good reputation with both men and women.

The cities where the romance tours are held are amazing. The women of these cities rely blindly on the Anastasia Dating Site and therefore, they would love to meet a new person who has come to their city to meet them. The Romance tours have a huge success rate and therefore, you can be relaxed that you would have a great time if you sign up for the Anastasia romance tour. Plenty of beautiful women would attend the Socials that would be organized grandly by the Anastasia Dating Site.

Criticisms faced by Anastasia dating site

Although we can see that the Anastasia dating site is nearly perfect in every regard, there are many critics on the internet who has plenty of things to say against this dating site. It is clear that a handful of people literally hates Anastasia. According to them, the Anastasia dating site is a big scam.

When we observed the critics and haters of Anastasia dating site properly, we noticed that the former competitors of Anastasia dating site who couldn’t retain their business are the ones who throw the most angry and abusive comments against Anastasia.

It is true that Anastasia dating site is the most brilliant and powerful international dating agency. Therefore, it has many rivals who pass horrible comments against it. The business strategy of Anastasia dating site along with its competitive spirit makes it the envy of all. The competitors of Anastasia dating site always have something or the other to say against it. It is good that Anastasia dating site doesn’t pay much heed to the criticism that they gather.

However, there are two things which cannot be overlooked. These are the two things for which Anastasia dating site is criticized the most. The first thing is that there is a practice of letter of introduction on the Anastasia dating site. Critics state this practice as total scam. Every woman who has a profile on the dating site writes an introductory letter stating what she likes and dislikes in a man. Anastasia dating site sends this letter to whichever man suits the requirements of the woman. Therefore, after signing up in Anastasia dating site, you are very likely to get plenty of emails from the stunning ladies of the site.

The second thing for which Anastasia dating site gathers a lot of criticism is that they do not explain the policies and fees of the dating site in the right manner. After signing up on the Anastasia dating site, guys discover that they can personally communicate with the women of the site only through the email system of the company. Many guys get infuriated on learning this but this is how the company works. The policies of Anastasia dating site are quite unclear and therefore, the dating site is criticized badly.

Cost of the site

The Anastasia dating site is a very expensive dating site. The monthly membership program of Anastasia dating site is quite expensive, when compared to the monthly membership program of other dating sites. However, the good thing is that there is a certain procedure that can serve to your advantage. On exploring the site, you would get to know about it.

Communications on the dating site

Communication in Anastasia dating site is quite simple. At first, communication is possible only through the email system of the agency. However, when you feel that you are all set to take your relationship to the next level, you can exchange your email address and contact number.



If you are a successful man and you live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US or EU, then you must try out the Anastasia dating site. This dating site would fulfill your dreams of dating a stunning woman. If you have ever fascinated dating a hot actress or a model, then you must sign up in the Anastasia dating site as the women on this site are too attractive and gorgeous.

The Anastasia dating site has stunning Russian and Ukrainian women in bikinis and young Russian models who would take your heart away. It is true that the site is expensive and there are several things on the site which requires proper explanation. However, the amazingly beautiful women of the site make it worthwhile. If you have enough money and time, then you should invest in Anastasia dating site and we can assure you that you would not be disappointed at all.

Dominican brides – Meet the most beautiful women of the Caribbean

Dominican Mail Order Brides seeking Foreign Men

If you want to date the most beautiful, amazing and stunning women of the world, then Dominican women would be the perfect choice for you. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country located on a tropical island in the majestic Caribbean Sea. Many people assume Dominican Republic to be a very backward and rural country that houses poor and illiterate people. The reality is, however, completely different.

Dominican brides - Meet the most beautiful Dominican women

Dominican Republic is one of the most popular and loved tourist spots in the Caribbean Sea. Plenty of tourists visit this beautiful place every year. Apart from being an attractive tourist place, the best thing about Dominican Republic is the stunning women of this place. Dominican women are beautiful, educated, caring and modern. They have many cultural similarities with Europeans and Americans.

The Dominican Republic has it all

Most Dominican women speak English

Here are some of the reasons why you should meet the most beautiful single Dominican women and consider them for marriage:

Dominican Women for Marriage, Dominican dating, Dominican singles, Dominican Ladies

  1. Exotic Beauty: Dominican women are the true exotic beauty who can attract and mesmerize you at the same time. Their dark eyes, lustrous black hair, voluptuous bodies made for a bikini and beautiful brown skin tones make them the most exotically beautiful women of the world. Dominican women are known to have won plenty of beauty pageants.
  2. Family-oriented: The Dominican women are lovely and caring beings who value their families a lot. They know the importance of raising happy children for a peaceful ambiance at home. Therefore, a Dominican woman wants a responsible and reliable partner who would be loyal to her for a lifetime. In return, she would be a caring and devoted wife and later an affectionate mother. The family-oriented nature of the Dominican women attracts plenty of American and European men towards them.
  3. Dominican Republic is a beautiful place: Another reason to marry a Dominican woman is that Dominican Republic is a beautiful place. The perfect temperature and the scenic beauty of the place make it a great vacation spot. The beaches of Dominican Republic are the best in the Caribbean Sea.
  4. Christian: Most of the Dominican women are Christian and therefore, you would face no barrier of religion.
  5. Well-educated: Most of the Dominican women are well-educated and therefore, you would face no problem in getting along with them.
  6. Speaks English fluently: It is true that Spanish is the primary language of the Dominican Republic but that does not mean that the Dominican women cannot speak any other language. English is their second language and they are taught to speak English at school. They might have a weird accent, but you won’t face any problem in communicating with them in English. Dominican mail order brides can speak English fluently.
  7. Cultural similarities with Western countries: Dominican Republic is an urban nation and it shares many cultural similarities with the Western countries. Therefore, you won’t have any problem if you marry a Dominican woman. Most of the people residing in this country have cell phones and laptops. They love music and sports. The most favorite sport of this country is baseball followed by basketball and soccer. Apart from traditional Dominican music, dance music and rock bands are also very common in this country.

dominican wome seek men abroadAfter looking at these 7 reasons, I am sure you have understood why it is amazing to marry a Dominican woman. Dominican women are also very inclined towards foreign men and therefore, you have a good chance of winning her heart. If you learn to speak a little Spanish for her, then she would be extremely impressed with you. Therefore, before you meet Dominican mail order brides, learn the basics of the Spanish language. It will help you to woo the amazing Dominican women who are beautiful, stunning and charming.

Single Dominican women for marriage – 1000’s of Dominican girls are ready to become your Dominican bride

A Foreign Affair – Review

A Foreign Affair

Reviewed by: VivaL
Reviewed on: 16-07-2015
Website: www.loveme.com

Marriage Agency Review: A Foreign Affair

Marriage Agency Review:
A Foreign Affair

One of the oldest and most respected international dating agencies, A Foreign Affair (AFA) represents numerous ethereally beautiful women from the most exotic countries of the world in Asia, Russia and Latin America. Right from the comfort of your home, it takes you on a global girl watching and romantic expedition. All you need to do to be this virtual globetrotter for romance is to go on to their web link and sit back and navigate it.

The grand old man of romance in the international dating agency circle, A Foreign Affair (AFA) cooperated with the National Geographic Channel to produce a reality television series about the extremely erratic and amazing world of romance tours. This show which was first aired in 2013 followed groups of American men on romance tours to Ukraine, Russia, Colombia and the Philippines.


russian-women-seek-husbands-abroadRegistration at A Foreign Affair (AFA) is free of cost and you get to see all the photographs which are as good as any other agency. Given their wide coverage and established name, AFA may have the most number of attractive and beautiful women than anywhere else covering almost every ethnic background imaginable.

With an outstanding search engine, AFA makes looking for your sweetheart even easier and fulfilling. It sorts through the humerus number of profiles and brings out the profiles with the specific traits and common interests you are interested in without much of a huff.

Let us examine an example. In the recent past around 768 women on AFA while filling in the category of interests, listed ‘bowling’- this gives you the idea of how registering on A Foreign Affair gives you a greater chance of finding the woman you will call your own. Be it women who are artists, dancers, a bowling partner, a squash partner or even women with specific attributes such as a hourglass figure or someone who loves to workout, on AFA you are sure to meet your match. If you can imagine a sport or a hobby or a physical description for a lady you can probably find her on A Foreign Affair- it is indeed the virtual home of your dream girl, whoever she is.

asian-women-looking-for-western-menAFA is a full service international dating agency. In fact it is one of the benchmarks in this industry for the same. Representing a huge number of beautiful women and offering an incredibly wide range of goods and services which include translations, visa services, and apartment rentals and even pocket translators, AFA makes finding your dream girl and date a very tangible and serious goal for them. This is unlike many other agencies which engage with you on a superficial level.

And like simply knowing that A Foreign Affair is the absolutely big leader in the industry of romance tourism was not enough based on the simple fact that AFA offers more tours to more places than anyone and with outstanding ratings for the tours, literally flying off the charts, you could actually read over FOUR HUNDRED positive reviews at A Foreign Affair! And the review list grows everyday.


AFA’s website, LoveMe.com is however rather messy. This is surely because AFA has been online since internet began and they have never done a full site redesign which unfortunately shows. The website is busy, hard to navigate, and complex. There are approximately two hundred buttons and links on the front page, many of them redundant. In fact, the website is pretty much a textbook example of atrocious web design.

However, you should remember that the only reason that A Foreign Affair can get away with such a mess of a website is because they have such an outstanding reputation in the industry. The situation is similar at Elena’s Models, another established industry leaders, just not quite to the degree of A Foreign Affair.


ukraine-girls-for-marriageThe cost plan at A Foreign Affair is rather complicated, and very much like the website, it could use a full redo.

There appears to be 3 levels. It is worthwhile to note that the gold and silver levels of ordering are not memberships. They are actually just price levels, meaning that you pay $12.00 per address if you order 1 to 2 addresses on the same order but it drops down to $9.00 per address if you order 3 or more addresses at one time. Platinum members are allowed to request 100 virtual e-mail addresses each month. The virtual e-mail address works just like any other e-mail address. Once AFA sends it to you it is used to send a message from your own personal email account (yahoo, hotmail, etc). That e-mail is initially forwarded to the AFA server; it remains there while A Foreign Affair forwards your background information (which is now required by federal law) to the woman’s actual e-mail address.

So, you can order one or two addresses each for $12.00 each or three or more at once for $9.00 each, or you can get up to 100 addresses a month if you become a Platinum member. There is a one time fee of $95.00 to become a Platinum member and then it’s $29.00 a month, but if you are really going all out this is a pretty good deal, only .29 cents per address after the first month.

If the girls do not have email you only get postal addresses. If you use A Foreign Affair’s Express Mail service you pay an additional $9.99 or $7.99 if you are a Platinum Member.

Remember, they are translating the letters too so, unless you are fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, or whatever language your lady speaks, this is possibly a pretty good deal, as a lot of agencies charge that much or more for just for translations.

Finally, you have to remember that unlike some other agencies you are free to communicate however you want to after the initial contact and in the long run that can really save you money.

Tip: If you decide to sign up for a romance tour you automatically get a Platinum Membership for FREE !


Once the woman reads your background information and then clicks a link agreeing that she received it, she will then receive your actual message and be able to reply directly to your personal e-mail if interested. When sending your e-mail message to the woman’s virtual e-mail address you can attach photos, just as you would anytime you send a regular e-mail. On using the virtual e-mail address properly there should be no additional charge to send your message because it is supposed to be sent from your own personal email account. You would only get charged extra if you sent your letter through the Express Mail service instead (which is a completely different method of writing), this service is primarily used when the woman does not have a virtual e-mail address or if you did need your letter translated.


A Foreign Affair is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has earned the toughest grade from the Better Business Bureau. AFA is definitely not a scam and neither is their web counterpart LoveMe.com. They are an absolutely real industry leader that pays a lot of attention to customer service. A Foreign Affair is also amazingly decent about pulling down the profiles of women who have gotten engaged or decided to no longer use the service, so you should rarely if ever end up contacting a woman who is simply not interested.

Final Analysis

A Foreign Affair is a splendidly outstanding agency and they offer many more services than any other international dating agency. If you are not exactly certain what part of the world you are interested in, A Foreign Affair is your best and safest bet, because they really do cover the world. They also offer great service and have very strong scam protection; they’ve earned an 8 on 10!

Overall Grade for A Foreign Affair

Hotness Factor : 8/10

These girls are absolutely fantastic and amazing! And AFA covered a pretty wide chunk of the world. One great trend in AFA is that these girls is that many of them have one or two professional photos and a couple of candid photos so you get a little better idea of what they really look like.


Number of Profiles : 9/10

There are 40 000 of hot single women from Europe, Asia, and the Americas who have signed up on AFA! You really are spoilt for choice.

Quality of Profiles : 6/10

While the photographs give you a fair enough idea and are more or less right in the number of them, the profile information is at best limited.

Service : 9/10

A Foreign Affair has a great group of full-time staff, who are rather helpful and detailed when you send them a query, tops- they offer a huge variety of services, and their testimonials are outstanding.

Security : 8/10

They are an American company and many of the profiles are confirmed in person, how every they do not use a third party credit card processor. So that’s a bit disappointing in terms of security.

Cost :  6/10

While it is rather cost effective if you play your cards well, if you are in a rush, your costs can shoot through the roof! So be very calculative and work out all odds and evens before putting down your budget for AFA.

Overall Grade :  8/10

Their website is not as well made and organized as most other sites, but the quality, diversity, and sheer number of profiles is amazing. If you are genuinely interested in contacting women from around the entire world A Foreign Affair is probably the best site on the internet. If the profiles were a little more detailed and all of the girls had email they would get a 9/10.

Peruvian women – Dating tips

Peruvian brides – Mail order brides from Peru

Of all the foreign women, you’d meet and want to date Peruvian women are sure to take your breath away. Be it dating, a relationship and/or a marriage, very few foreign women can hold a candle to Peruvian women.

Well educated, cultured young women, mostly from Lima, Peruvian women generally sign up on international dating sites such as A Foreign Affair to find a special relationship usually leading to marriage or on LatinAmericanCupid for a few dates and a fling or even Match.com where Peruvian women look for foreign men out of curiosity, a feeling of bonhomie or a relationship. Then there is Amolatina, an agency which is affiliated with numerous smaller agencies. So if you are planning to Date a Peruvian women, you are not really lost at sea, there are many agencies to help you.

So, take a Romance Tour with the agency of your choice and get going!

Peruvian women looking for true love

Girls from Peru are a mix of an open minded, cosmopolitan, energetic and fun culture along with holding deeply traditional values at heart. So while their attitudes towards dating, relationships and sex is pretty forward today, they remain deeply traditionalists at heart with regards to marriage, children and family. Extremely multicultural, they do not face much of a cultural shock in the United States or in Europe.

Being mostly port cities, Peru has had immigrants from all over the world. Fifteen percent of the Peruvian populations are Europeans from England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. Two percent are Afro-Peruvians, and over one percent of the populations are Asians from China and Japan- this cultural mix has made Peruvians and especially the women open to inter cultural interactions. Open minded and generally of mixed races, the Peruvian woman is a beauty to hold and cherish in your arms and your hearts forever. Where else would you find a foreign woman with such a mix of personality, culture and race?

Dating a Peruvian woman
Peruvian Brides - Mail order brides from Peru

Peruvian Brides – Mail order brides from Peru

Here are a few tips on dating a Peruvian woman

Known for being sexy and stylish, Peruvian women work on staying slim and fit and enjoy a longer bikini season. So groom yourself well before going out on a date with her. Dating foreign men is not much of an issue to Peruvian girls. So feel free to meet her with some great wine, go dancing and have a great fun time.

Peruvian women are known to be romantics. So be careful about leaving a broken heart behind. Make your intention clear and if she is not the type to have a fling and move on whereas that is all you are looking for, do both of yourself a favor and let her go.

In Peru, calling someone your “girlfriend” implies you’re in a serious, committed relationship. Only call a Peruvian woman your girlfriend if you’re serious about them. Ditto for declarations of love. Of all the foreign women you may choose to date, dating a Peruvian woman is most different.

Marriage follows traditional gender roles with the husband and father as the head of the household and breadwinner, and the wife as homemaker and mother and Peruvian women are family oriented. Divorce is frowned upon and is considered the last resort due to both the influence of the Catholic church and the traditional Peruvian outlook.

Similar Christian values bind Peru with the Western World, so expect less friction when it comes to world views.
Spanish is the most spoken language. Very few women speak English, so while that may be attractive to you in a foreign woman, know early that it may affect your date. But due to their inherent smartness and intelligence, they can pick up English at a fast enough pace.

Peru women for marriage

Peruvian Brides seeking Foreign Men

Peruvian Brides seeking Foreign Men

In case you are looking for an international woman to be with forever, A Peruvian brides is the best choice!

Filipina brides seeking men for marriage

Philippine women seeking men for dating

Philippines personals - Meet women from the Philippines.The Philippines is a beautiful place with great weather, low cost of living and really attractive women. Having been in American possession from 1898 until 1946, it had a large number of American soldiers, sailors, and marines stationed in the Philippines and they quickly begin dating and marrying Filipino women. In the early 1970’s when American servicemen who had been stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam War began went back home and wondered about their Filipina sweethearts; the mail order bride and the concept of international dating agency began. So Filipina brides over generations believe in marrying a foreigner when they seek men in marriage.

The Philippines

The women already married and settled abroad often remain in close contact with friends and relatives back home, sometimes sending money to support their parents and siblings.

Filipino women looking for a man abroad

Beautiful women of Pinoy are looking for marriage with a Western foreign man, turning away from the male dominated culture of Philippines and following the Western ideal of gender equality. In the Philippines, the women have a term for the playboy men, “Babaero”- those who cheat on their girlfriends or wives. This has resulted in many single mothers and abandoned wives and has caused great irritation among the women. Dating in the Philippines is hence slow paced with women taking more time than in other places to trust a man. But they are also considered to be loyal and devoted partners. Dating several women at once is considered unacceptable. With many of the women now trained as nurses and other professional jobs; some holding well to do small businesses; they are looking for a deep involved Catholic marriage ideal. The fact that they are sweet and sexy to boot simply adds value to the package.

Philippine brides

Filipina brides - Philippine Brides - Mail order brides from Philippines

Filipina brides

If you are found to be someone who cannot be trusted, the word will spread among the women as relationships between women are strong and interconnected.

Filipino women – Dating exotic women of the Philippines

Women in the Philippines tend are generally short, sweet, and very feminine – they appear as Asian, Latina and some even look European. Most women are an ethnic mix that is difficult to generalize but they are one of the most beautiful women in the World. The cultural advantages are many.

  1. They all speak English and understand Western Culture. Years of interaction with the American has made the modern Philippine culture into something that is a middle path between the two
  2. Extremely westernized, the marriage between a Filipino woman and a western man does not raise eyebrows
  3. Today, the Philippines have one of the largest Expat populations of men from the USA, Canada and The EU. So you won’t miss home when you stay on!
  4. Women are conservative Catholics. So while she can be your very own sexy vixen in private, remember she is deeply religious and it could be either a turn on for you or a point of argument.
International Dating – How to get started with a Filipina bride seeking a man

Cherry Blossoms was an agency which first began the international dating between Filipino women and the Western men. There are many other websites as well.

Filipina Brides would be a great way to start. Otherwise, as a single Western man at a bar, you would probably not meet the kind of Filipino you wish to marry and settle down with. But do remember Filipino girls come with their entire family. And it is a large family, sometimes run completely in the absence of the father. The Philippines has no proper health care system in place, terrible social security and an extremely corrupt government so it usually falls on the older daughters to support the entire family.

Mail order brides from Philippines

Find a loving Filipina woman or Filipina bride from the Philippines. View profiles of beautiful young Filipina women for dating, friends or marriage.

Cebu City

However, if they like you and you like them, things can be worked out and as the cost of living in the Philippines is rather low, it will not really be much of a problem. Instead you would gain a lovely family who will rally around you in times of your need.

So, go ahead, take that chance and find yourself a lovely Filipino woman.

Meet Russian women living in USA or Canada

Dating Russian women in the USA

Russian women perceive Canadian and American men to be real gentlemen who are soft hearted and of calm character and kind disposition. The absolute reliability in terms of family, such men are the dream guys for Russian women; more so for those Russian women who are already living in the US either as second generation immigrants or as working professionals.

Many Russian women live in Canada and USA because of the living standards there as well as the life interval and education opportunities. In Canada in particular the local laws and the absence of bureaucratic barriers for international marriages help things further.

Meet single Russian women living in USA

New York
United States

A mixed relationship – A Russian-American romance

A mixed relationship between Russian and Americans starts with the magic of dating. For men in America and Canada, it’s important to realize that some women, though having maybe lived in their country all their lives are not accustomed to an American style of dating simply because of their own cultural values. In fact, much of what you’ve been doing while dating other American women probably won’t do you any good when it comes to Russian women already living in the US.

Russian women living in America

Newport Beach, California

Here is what to expect when dating a Russian woman in US/Canada

Being over friendly is considered rude. Russian women would look for and give respect. There is also a chance of her being offended by the American directness in questioning motives. Russian culture and courting etiquette demands taking an extra effort and learning about it- do not be complacent towards her. Be courteous and considerate at all times. That is what the lady is looking for.

Small gestures like opening doors and pulling out her chair at a restaurant are noticed by Russian women. So you will never feel taken for granted while dating her.

Be honest and sincere and she will return it in truck loads. Being pretentious is not found acceptable in the Russian dating circles even when they are expatriates.

Skip jeans and a t- shirt and wear a suit or jacket. First dates are very important to Russian women and both parties are expected to dress up. Don’t let her down – you want to make a good impression and this is a great way to start. A single stemmed rose or a small gift and
other flower is an important symbol when taking a Russian woman out on a date.

Russian Dating in America – Russian Singles in USA

Russian women have been raised with different attitudes about men and may have different expectations. So familiarize yourself with Russian dating customs and traditions that are likely different from your own. For Americans and Canadians, dating is more casual. Typically, they meet someone and go on a few dates. After a few dates if nothing clicks, they usually move on. It’s common for Americans to date dozens of people in a period of 2-4 months, often never seeing the same person more than once or twice if personalities don’t mesh well.

On a typical date Americans go a movie or dinner. The biggest concern is usually what might occur on the next date, not whether the person is marriage material or not. Marriage is not uppermost in most Americans’ minds in the initial stages of dating; they are usually more laid back and prefer to let things evolve naturally and without pressure before making a commitment.

Now, when mixed dating comes in, especially with a beautiful Russian woman living in the US, remember this casual dating is less common! It is courtship. The relationship will be equally magical. The mix of both cultures gives you better chances of finding your dream girl!







Elena’s Models – Review

Elena’s Models

Reviewed by: VivaL
Reviewed on: 10-07-2015

Russian Dating Agency review: Elena's Models

Marriage Agency Review: Elena’s Models


Elena’s Models is the only company that makes all efforts possible to ensure that scam artists have no access and activities in their aegis and provides an honest service. Showing a rare strength and conviction in weeding out scammers, they have kept other international dating and mail order bride services on their toes. A rather refreshing and honest way of doing business, Elena ensures that when you are the recipient of a letter from a lady tied to the dating service in your inbox at their site, it IS in reality written by the lady herself, and not the agency as opposed to many agencies which have a rather generic “introduction letter” in the tone of the lady who visited your profile. These agencies then proceed to send the letter to anyone and everyone who more or less fits the broad criteria she has set out for herself with the hope that you would pay to respond. Some poor blokes may feel they must respond to all the letters they receive and some agencies may send several in an attempt to make money of you and this would be rather expensive to you to no real avail. Their policy of introduction letters generally is mentioned in rather fine print on their registration or landing page; however it is still rather messes up the reputation of the industry being misleading and can easily make you feel you were scammed!


Absolutely user friendly, Elena’s models offers some great payment plans. Recently streamlined and absolutely the best in the market for what they offer, you can sign up for their Gold Plan for a tiny sum of $99.00 for 3 months or $197.50 for an year, working out to about $16.50 per month. When it comes to legitimate international dating, THIS is the best deal! But there is a restriction; that you are limited to contacting 50 women- send as many emails as you’d like to these 50 women but if you wish to interact with many other beautiful, intelligent women out there, you would have to upgrade to the Platinum Plan. Now, the Platinum Plan lets you contact an unlimited number of lovely ladies for a three month duration with a payment of $259.00 working out to $86.00 per month. The BEST part of the Platinum Plan is that your profile gets automatically to the top rungs in the results when women search in the site which puts you way ahead in the dating game!

And then of course, there is another perk- you get advertised on their Russian language website thereby widening your reach monumentally! So, if you are in this seriously, to find yourself a life partner, go for this- It is one of the best plans in the business, indeed.


Since 1999, Elena’s Models have been in business and makes a clearly visible, honest and genuine effort to be the most reliable company online. By virtue of its stringent policies, no tolerance for scammers and black and white way of doing business, it has earned a reputation of a secure, safe space. One of their most positive attributes is that they never ever see your credit card number or bank details. All transactions are through Clickbank – one of the safest ways to pay in today’s’ virtual banking and commerce world. There is a huge sense of honesty, clarity and trustworthiness in the way Elena’s models handles profile- for instance for a lady’s profile to even appear on Elena’s she must have been active in the previous ninety days- only then does it reflect. This reflects that the women on Elena’s are absolutely serious and very active about wanting to find a husband and are at it. There is also a unique marker called “Confirmed Profiles” for women who have been met by a representative from Elena’s Models who review profiles for known scammers. So you can immediately rest assured once you see “Confirmed Profiles” marked on the girls. Getting scammed is a terrible feeling and if you make the choice of going with Elena’s Models, you would have saved yourself all of that as they make every reasonable attempt and effort to keep everything above the board.

Final Analysis

We have had the pleasure to represent many good dating agencies, however, only the agency, Elena’s Models can be graded a 8.5/10 they are transparent, fair and represent a huge ton of absolutely gorgeous women. And when it comes to basic services, they are indeed the market leader in providing great customer service, good security protocols, clear, over the board dealings and some very good plans.

Overall Grade for Elena’s Models

Hotness Factor : 8/10

Elena’s Models has some of the most gorgeous, sexy, hot, alluring and smart women in the business.


Number of Profiles : 8/10

They have a huge choice of profiles, if you can’t find the girl of your dreams at Elena’s, then maybe, something’s not right with you!

Quality of Profiles : 8,5/10

While Elena’s does need to find a way to present longer, more detailed and descriptive profiles; their being an absolute stickler for honesty and focused efforts to weed out scammers get them a 8.5 in this category. On the plus side, they do offer a lot of photos in their profiles, often as many as eight or nine.

Victoria, 26, Bobruisk, Belarus


Service : 9/10

With a great, full time staff, there is a complete range of services, they provide with simply amazing testimonials.

Security : 8/10

Elena’s Models use a third party credit card processor and has a great reputation in terms of security!

Cost : 8/10

Elena’s recently changed pricing structure and plans put them in a clear A category.

Overall Grade : 8,5/10

Elena’s Models has an absolutely sterling reputation backed by a great selection of reviewed profiles and efforts to combat scammers. This is why Elena’s Models ranks so high. With more in depth profiles and maybe an even better worked out payment plan will make them the best in the business worldwide.

International dating site Elena's Models

Meet REAL Russian and Ukrainian brides at Elena’s Models

Meet Russian girls living In the UK

Single Russian girls living in Great Britain

Many Russian girls live in the West. In Fact it is not at all uncommon to run into a lovely Russian woman in London.
In Fact, the 2001 UK Census recorded 15,160 Russian-born residents. The total number of people of Russian descent in the UK is close to 300,000! It is no surprise that London has been nicknamed by many as Londongrad! The Russian girls who are living in the UK today may have immigrated following a divorce in their home country or for work. Many are looking for partners in the UK, to marry and settle down with.

Meet Russian girls living in the UK

Meet Russian girls living in the UK – HERE

Dating Russian women living in the UK

Russian woman is rather attracted to the Englishman because of the concomitant understanding and assumption of romance that comes with it. The quintessential English gentleman with his charms will often find the Russian lady willing to date him. However, one must also be aware that like in all nationalities, here too there will be women who would be looking for a way to make money or avail expensive gifts at your cost instead. Simply put, you may be scammed so be careful.

Ukrainian women in UK - Brides from the Ukraine - Dating Ukraine girls online · Ladies from Ukraine · Meet Ukrainian women in London. But, that caution out of the way; it should not bother you much as Russian women, besides being incredibly beautiful, have a strong sense of grit and determination. If you are dating one of the Russian women living in the UK, you are bound to succeed in life. She will bring in her own sense of commitment to succeed into the relationship and have you ride that tide too. Infact marriage with a Russian woman already living in the UK is the best combination possible as it saves you the hassle of international dating agencies, translated letters and so much more! Today’s Russian girls may even be second generation who studied in the UK, are highly skilled and bi- or even trilingual. They are a smart lot – lawyers, insurers and other successful professionals. Meet them at the nightclubs they like to go, or the cafes or through dating sites- they are sure to impress you.

badge with UK flagIf she is already in the UK, she would be more familiar with the British way of life and may already be holding a job.

Russian women are straightforward and do not hesitate to call you out when they observe you in the middle of murk. This also means, there will probably be a lot of intensity in your conversations when you are dating. This does not mean she does not honor you or she means any disrespect. She simply is not a wallflower. And while she may have lived in the UK all her life, her core is still very Russian which encourages men and women to not waste time and thus not tiptoe around any issue, problem, or disagreement. She will also be very passionate and have little or no qualms in letting her emotions known to you. Very un-British but very Russian! If you were in Moscow, that would not have been a problem. In London, it may seem a little out of place to you. However, rest assured it is going to be one of the most fulfilling relationships of your life!

Meet Russian girls in England

Single russian women in Britain, Ireland - London Birmingham. Men from Great Britain wishing to marry a pretty Russian woman living in the UK.

37, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Russian girls are always dressed well so you would never have to think twice while taking her out and around town. There is nothing called the frumpy Russian girl. Be it as a student, a professional or someone without a vocation, expect nothing short of an exotic supermodel look as she drops in to meet you.
She will be super smart, hard working and also knows to have a great time partying the night away or hosting parties and complicated all night out plans. You will find your days and nights filled with a sense of completion which you never would have had before.

If you both do decide to take your relationship forward into a marriage, remember once the Russian family loves you, they will love you like their own, worrying about you and becoming closer to you thank your own birth parents. That is simply a Russian way of doing things.

Dating Russian women in the United Kingdom

Meet 1000's of Russian women living in London, find dozens of young Russian girls in London, UK now!

Marriage to Russian women living in the UK, alone or with her family, will give you a glimpse into and a definite depth of interaction to a unique and fulfilling relationship.

Reasons why you should date a Czech woman

Dating Czech women – International dating

If you are keen to date a foreign woman, then a Czech woman is a really good choice. Czech Republic is an interesting and nice country. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and it is popularly known as the alpha global city. There are plenty of good looking girls in the Czech Republic who you can date and marry. Therefore, it is wise to plan a trip to the Czech Republic to meet some of the most stunning women of this world.


Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic

Czech women are looking for true love abroad

Czech women are extremely beautiful and attractive. They have an exquisite, charming aura which makes them so irresistible. Most of the Czech women dream to come across the prince of their dreams and settle in a different country after marriage. If you can win the heart of a Czech woman, then she would love to marry you and settle in your country without any issues.


Czech brides – Meet Czech women and Slovak women online

The women of the Czech Republic are very hardworking and intelligent. They are the perfect combination of beauty and brains. They can speak many languages fluently namely English, German and Spanish. Therefore, there won’t be any language problem while dating a Czech woman. These women are also very tolerant and understanding. They are not incessantly demanding and would love you unconditionally. They know how to have fun in life and value their independence. These women are also very warm and family oriented. All these qualities of a Czech woman definitely make her very desirable. Therefore, you must date a Czech woman.

What does a Czech woman want?

Czech ladies are particularly looking for love, respect and trust. They are eagerly waiting for their dream man who would be able to provide them with unconditional love and loyalty. The Czech women desire to settle in a different country with better living standards with the man of their dreams.

Svetlana 34 Prague Czech Republic

Czech Brides
Svetlana 34
Prague – Czech Republic

Czech woman has strong family values and considerable independence. They are equally committed to their work in the office and much as they are committed to their family members. They are responsible and know how to balance both work life and family life. She is both a breadwinner and a homemaker. At work, she knows how to manage conflicts and make proper decisions. Her professional approach and hardworking nature make her successful at whatever she does. Therefore, she wants someone who would value her independence and respect her identity. In return, she will give her partner unconditional love and support.

Czech women are really classy and that can be understood from their drinking habits. They love to sip slowly and remain in the moment. They are definitely very brave, sensible and ladylike. Most men really admire the way Czech women know to carry themselves. These women love to get genuine compliments.

How to impress a Czech woman

The best way to impress an East European woman is to be warm, friendly and polite. They would surely value a man with impeccable manners. As these women are extremely family oriented, you should ask them about their family and if possible, try to meet their family members. For a Czech woman, nothing can be more flattering than a man who takes an interest in her life and family. You should also value her independence and give her respect. After family, her work and independence matters to her. Finally, once you get to know that she is the one, you should be expressive and tell her how much she means to you.

Zulfiya 31 Prague Czech Republic

Zulfiya 31
Prague – Czech Republic

Dating a Czech woman would surely be one of the best things in your life. You can start talking to these women through the online dating sites or you can take a romance tour to the Czech Republic. It is better to travel to the Czech Republic directly and meet the wonderful Czech women.

Meet Russian women, European women, Latin women & Asian women for marriage

Where to find the most beautiful women in Latin America

Meet Colombian women for marriage, an exotic bride

Known as sirens and for their superior intelligence, smart behavior, cosmopolitan sensibilities and unabated gracefulness, Colombian women have sparked a dating boom across the World as more and more Western men come in hot pursuit of these beauties.

So of course, Colombian women are the sexiest and most sought after. About 44,000 single Americans picked their nationality preferences in an online survey and after Colombia, ranked Brazil.

Meet exotic Colombian brides

Colombian Women For Marriage - Date Hot Latin Mail Order Brides

Date Hot Latin Mail Order Brides

The survey also reported that one out of four men claim Colombia as the fave country when it comes to women. Think Shakira and Sofia Vergara. High heels, nice clothes, and makeup are the norm.
After Colombia ranks Brazil and Argentina, but let us talk about the most beautiful women in Latin America – the Colombian women !

Why are Colombian women so beautiful ?

Colombian Brides – Latin Women for Marriage. Get in touch with beautiful Colombian women.Genetically blessed with very proportionate and athletic figures, well distributed fat and muscle on their legs, slim mid sections and beautiful curvy hips, these women with the quintessential hourglass figure are difficult to resist. Proportionate toned women rule the roost in Colombia irrespective of other genetic predispositions such as blond, brown, red and auburn hair or even midnight black straight hair. With eye color varying from black to honey and different skin tones mentioned earlier, they are truly exotic and breathtaking.

Here are a few reasons behind such unparalleled beauty among them:

  1. Their genetic heritage is traced from three racial groups: Indians, blacks and whites who have mingled throughout nearly 5 centuries.
  2. 50% of the Colombians are mestizo- a mixture of White, Spanish and Indian Ancestry, 25% White, 20 % mulattoes, 4 % black and 1 % Indians. So imagine the wide range of beauties you will be meeting.
  3. Only the fittest and the strongest have survived the high mortality rates brought about by the Amazon’s humid warm and moist weather which has harbored many viruses and sicknesses.
  4. The equatorial Sun has created perfect natural tans and the natural glow that Colombian women are associated with.
    Their diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, with very little canned food and fast food.

Meet exotic Colombian brides

Colombian women tend to believe that if any foreign man really wants to be with them he will make an attempt learn to speak the Spanish language and will enjoy her country as much as she does. Colombian women love the warmth and the sun so be prepared for a lot of outdoor dates.

 Date Colombian Girls - Latin women profilesYou must pamper her, and always pick her up before the date being on time even she is late. Do not rush her and always have a car. And learn the art of romance. Although they are hot blooded Latin women, Colombian girls are easy going, friendly, and eager to settle down.

On the first date, do not invite her home for a movie right away. First take her out for dinner and a dance if you are up for it. Remember to make conversation and learn about her. A Colombian woman may agree to a date with you and then stand you up simply because she was too polite to say No directly to you at the first place, so do gauge her interest before springing a dating request.

If you exchange kisses and have chemistry, politely ask her if she would like to take it further instead of jumping upon her. It may disgust her and your dating chances with the most beautiful woman in the planet will simply go down the drain at that.

If the dating gets serious, chances are you will meet the family. So it may be a good idea to be clear about where you are headed right at the start and make it clear to her too. An angry
Colombian woman is a force to reckon with!

Also if you are going out with her, keep your eyes on her. You wouldn’t want to make her jealous. She has had enough of tom-catting behavior from the native men.

Where in Columbia would you find the most beautiful woman?

Romance tours to Colombia - Cartagena


The North coast of Cartagena and Barranquilla has darker skinned women, while Medellin has lighter skinned women, and even a few blondes. Cities like Cali in the South have more cinnamon colored women. So you can city hop and find all types of women.

Colombian Brides - Mail order brides from Colombia

At Medellin the most beautiful women will be out on the streets partying in the evening and commuting by the city’s brilliant public transport network during the day.
Medellin has beautiful weather and is perfect for day-night long dates and much more!

Colombian Bride | Latin Women From Colombia

Another city Cali, the world capital of Salsa is also known across Colombia and other countries as the “subsidiary of heaven” and its women “God’s angels on Earth” and everyone you meet will always brag about the beauty of the Caleñas.
Cali’s tropical savanna climate and mild temperatures give the city warm days and cool evenings, so the night life is when everything happens. Caleñas are famous for rumbiar, or partying, all night long and dancing to the break of dawn with ease and sensuality.

Extremely confident in their attitude and dress, and unafraid to flaunt what they’ve got, they can put everyone to shame!

Cartagena has an ethnic mixed race population. For the Miss Colombia beauty contest, participants from Colombia’s 33 different departments all congregate in Cartagena around November 11 for the Concurso Nacional de Belleza de Colombia, the National Beauty Pageant, to determine who will be the next Miss.

Colombia is a dating paradise for meeting exotic Colombian women

Colombia and represent the country at the Miss Universe Pageant.

So go ahead to Colombia and find the most beautiful Colombian women for dating !

Single Polish girls seek Western men for marriage

Dating polish women – Singles in Poland

Polish Brides - Mail order brides from PolandPolish girls seem like they have stepped out of Disney fairy-tales, innocent and extremely hot at the same time, they can take your breath away by just half a smile. These beautiful single Polish girls seek Western men for marriage for a variety of reasons.

To start with they are exotic but with a highly westernized outlook and disposition making them the most progressive among other Eastern countries. Given this reality, you can easily arrange multiple visits to your home country without much hassle!

Polish women actively seek Western men for marriage as they are better educated than Polish men. Women hold professional white collar jobs while the men work in more industrial or manual labor blue collar jobs. They speak English better and love to communicate with someone who speaks it as fluently – something their Polish man cannot provide. At Poland, there is a huge shortage of males that many polish women would find acceptable. So single Polish girls seek out Western men for marriage who would surely be able to make conversation and enjoy some of the nicer things in life.

Polish Brides – Mail order brides from Poland

Single Polish women seek European man for marriage

Single Polish girls

Polish girls are considered to be excellent mothers and wives and are raised to be polite and dutiful and most manage to live up to these standards. Being Roman Catholics they have very typical Catholic beliefs about the family as a unit, the sanctity of marriage and the importance of not getting separated or divorced.

The Western man is a perfect partner as he will balance her out in her need for adventure, love and just treatment as well as intelligent conversation and partnership. As a part of the European Union, Poland gives its citizens the working and travel privileges in any country in Western Europe such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany without the need for a visa. Hence, her decision to be with you is not based on economics as other European mail order brides may take. Poland is the 20th largest economy in the world but with notoriously low average monthly salaries pegged at just €1,190 a month. So is it a surprise that she is looking for a Western Man with whom she can start a new life where there is also more disposable income besides the stringent salary.

With Poland’s economy based on heavy manufacturing and agriculture, her choice among men are limited to the less erudite ones. You, with your Western charm, class and gentlemanly manners are the perfect choice for her. With a huge exposure to Western Culture through television and the internet and with ton load of relatives in the Western World, she will find her own social circle and very soon become your partner in society.

When the Polish woman dates you and marries you, it is because she is in love with you and wants to genuinely spend her life with you.

International dating

The endearing traits of the Single Polish woman

  1. The Polish woman is a born and bred lady. She is gentle, considerate and polite. You will never have your heart broken in her hands as she will make a genuine effort to let you down lightly if she is disinterested in you.
  2. Extremely nurturing by nature, she loves it when you feel pleasured and may take care of you when you are unwell and often cook or clean for you as a surprise act of kindness. Remember to thank her even if she brushes it off as just nothing. Polish women make you want to be a provider—a strong man who could maintain a home and take care of her financially.
  3. Feminine and proud of it, Polish women really rejoice in it! And make sure you appreciate it as well by taking special care to always dress up for you and turn up well groomed and put together.
  4. Education and intelligence among women is highly prized along with the aforementioned feminine among Polish women. So while she may be a power broker in the highest circles and tough as nails, she would still never give up her feminine appearance and nature to pretend to be more masculine and tough.
  5. A great sense of humor and funny sarcasm and no drama. Polish girls are easy going and happy go lucky and fights are minimal and far in between. But yes, you must treat her with respect, loyalty and answer her passion and need for equality and intelligent conversation. An unhappy Polish girl can be rather gloomy and insecure and that is just wasting a great time together.

Sensuous and sinewy, they are said to be magical intimate partners too!

Polish Brides - Mail order brides from Poland

And of course like mentioned before, they have a very strong bond with their family which is respectful, loving and caring at the same time and sure to grab your heart.

If you are looking for your blonde haired beauty with brains to match then Polish dating might be for you.